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Living Virtuously Chapter 24

Virtuously Praised

living virtuously

As we end the last chapter in our book study, we have learned about various types of virtuous characteristics.

A truly virtuous woman is more focused on inward beauty, than outward beauty. This is evident in her all areas of her life.

She fears the Lord and holds true to her convictions, her faith, and in her purpose for life.

A virtuous woman is known for the fruits of her labor. She need not tell everybody how good she is, it is evident in her actions and behavior.

The virtuous woman is known for how she loves others. She selflessly serves her husband, family, neighbors and strangers; she is a true servant.

We are called to be virtuous in our marriages, our homes, in our mothering, and in the dynamics of our relationships with others.

It is not about perfection. If we’re striving for perfection, then we’re fighting a losing battle.

When it comes to being or becoming a virtuous wife. Erin Harrison, the author has some great advice. She says, “You all have a story hidden in your heart with pages of it yet unwritten.”

You have the choice how your story ends.

You can make a change today to write that happy ending.

What is the happy ending?

Again, it is not about getting your way or never having to struggle, or even achieving the perfect life.

A happy ending is living your life for Christ, finding joy, choosing contentment, and doing all that we can for the day we will be with our Savior.

I hope you enjoyed this book as much as I did. It was a pleasure going through this study with you.

I pray that you were blessed and encourage in your role as the keeper of your home.

Be blessed,

Stephanie Malcolm, Training Keepers of the Home

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