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Chapter 22 and 23 Study Questions

The virtuous woman is the keeper of her home.

She is willing to keep her home clean, because a clean home is a happy home.

Sure, its been said that a dirty home is a happy home, based on the premise that the mother is too busy playing with her children to keep up with cleaning.

How can a family be expected to function in a dirty home? Unsanitary conditions aside, it is diffiicult to carry out keeper of the home functions in a disorganized chaotic mess.

In Chapter 22, Erin Harrison, mentions the benefits of a clean home, how to incoporate a cleaning schedule, and how to get the home clean.

living virtuously

Virtuous Mothering

In Chapter 23, we learn how about we should not parent to one extreme by being too lenient or mothering to the other extreme by being too controlling. It is important for us to strike a balance in our mothering.

She teaches us the importance of investing in our children.

It is important that we speak life into our homes. This is done by choosing our words, thoughts, and actions carefully.

It is important that we invest in our children because it is important for us to teach them to do work in God’s kingdom.

Please join me in this weeks study questions.

Study Questions

  1. Be honest with yourself on this question. Is your home clean? Not perfect, but clean.

2. Do you have a schedule or a routine that you follow?

3. How often do you deep clean your home?

4. What are 5 things that you could change about your cleaning habits, starting tomorrow?

5. What are the long-term benefits of regular cleaning? How would the quality of your life improve?

6. Do you enjoy being with your children?

7. Would your children say they are loved based on the amount of time that you spend together?

8. Would you consider yourself balanced at parenting? Or do you tend to sway to one extreme or the other (controlling or too lenient).

9. What legacy do you want to leave your children?e

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