Titus 2

Titus 2 Advice: Listen to Wise Counsel

If I had to tell myself one thing as a young teenager, I would say to listen to the wise counsel of your elders.
When I was a teenage girl I remember thinking that my parents were old-fashioned.
I did not want to listen to their advice nor admit that they could possibly be correct on anything.
Foolish pride led me astray as I pursued selfish goals.
I felt vindicated in my thoughts, feelings, and opinions; therefore I rarely apologized for my actions when I learned a hard lesson (even when I realized my parents were right)
Now as a parent and wife, I realized that listening to my parents would have saved me a lot of grief over the years.
The topics we went ’round and ’round on were ones such as how to spend money, dressing modestly, and whether or not I really needed to go to college.
I learned many lessons the hard way. Regretfully, I cannot go back and change my actions.
Yet, I can teach my children from my mistakes and encourage all of you to listen to wise counsel.
*Listen to Titus 2 examples in your church or family.
*Read books that support sound doctrine.
*Teach your children why wisdom and the pursuit of wisdom is so important.
The holy pursuit of wisdom is one of the most beautiful things in a woman’s life. Because she is seeking out God’s will consistently for her life.
Please be encourage as keepers of your home to pursue what is right, good, and pure in your Christian walk.
Be blessed,
Stephanie Malcolm, Training Keepers of the Home

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