Proverbs 31 Lessons from My Mom, Grandma, and Great Grandma

Proverbs 31 Lessons

My deep love of Proverbs 31 became ingrained in me as a young child working alongside my mother, grandmother, and great grandmothers.

Small Town Living

Growing up, I lived in the same small town with all of my grandparents. In fact, I lived within walking distances of all of their homes.

My mom was married and had me when she was 18, her mother (my grandmother) was 40 when I was born, and my great grandmother was in her 60’s when I was born.

And I always thought it was normal to be surrounded by aunts, uncles, cousins, and many grandparents on a daily basis. It wasn’t until I was older did I realize that isn’t always the case.

My Childhood

My mom was a stay-at-home mom while my dad provided for our family of four.

While he was at work, my mom managed the household affairs while taking care of my brother and I.

Starting from a young age I was taught respect. Respect for my parents and grandparents.

I was taught how to obey and not talk back.

I thoroughly enjoyed my childhood and often I wish I could go back just to relive those simpler days.

Proverbs 31 lessons

On the Farm

I can remember picking raspberries with my great grandparents on their farm.  We always picked while the sun was coming up, the ground wet with dew, and the soil of the earth remained wet.

I remember that as we picked my great grandpa (in his 80’s), bent over with age, laughing and telling us children jokes.

My grandpa still needed a walker much of the time, but nothing stopped him or my great grandmother from working.


Farming was their life.

Hard work was part of who they were.

They did not complain, they were content.

Life was good.

Their blessings were abundant and life was amazingly full of love, laughter, a large family, a full basement of canned and frozen homegrown goods, and it was all they ever wanted.

All the Memories

There are so many memories I could list from my childhood.

Many involved hours of working for my grandparents or helping other family members with tasks.

My mother taught me to work without expecting anything in return.

My mother also taught me the importance of respecting the elderly and to listen to their stories.

The wealth of knowledge I learned from listening is still with me today.

These stories sparked an interest in history within myself.

Mixed in with all those stories were voices of women from my past that spoke of the hard work of living on a farm, raising numerous children, and giving thanks to God for what they had.

Looking back at my childhood, I can see how my upbringing had a huge impact on the wife and mother I have become.  The lessons I have learned were such a blessing.

Proverbs 31 Life Lessons

  1. How to garden
  2. How to can, bake, and provide food for my famiy
  3. How to make the house a home on a budget
  4. How to host a meal and extend hospitality
  5. How to not sit idle, keep busy, and be diligent
  6. How to visit the elderly, do good deeds for others, an help family members
  7. How to not gossip, talk malicious, or slander others
  8. How to keep a routine and stick to it
  9. Nothing is a right, but a privilege
  10. The value of a stay-at-home mother is priceless and invaluable to the family
  11. How to keep home clean, organized, and ready for guests at any time (we loved hosting)
  12. Clutter does nothing for you, but cause stress…so don’t keep anything that you do not need
  13. That it is important to be frugal-minded in all areas
  14. Think ahead, be prepared, and always be on your toes
  15. It is important to wake up early each day
  16. To always be thankful and appreciate what you have, choosing to be content no matter what the situation
  17. To love the Lord, to seek Him, and give thanks for He is good
  18. The gift of hospitality and the blessings of welcoming others into your home.

 Hands-on Training for My Future

As a mom and a wife, I deeply value the lessons from my mom, grandmother, and great grandmother.

Through their stories and examples of daily living, the lessons I learned would eventually become the foundation on which I learned the value of being the keeper of the home.

And while their titles as keepers of their home did not bring them any income, they knew their worth was so much more. The price of a Proverbs woman is far above rubies.

Above Rubies

I have seen the way my father and grandfathers respect their wives, and like the example of Proverbs woman: their value was more precious than rubies.

Their husbands trusted them and their children called them blessed.

And now as I approach my mid 40’s, it is even more important for me to continue being a Godly influence within the walls of my home; especially to my husband and children.

However, following the advice found in Titus 2:3-5, I know it is my responsibility to teach younger women and those who long to use the advice in the Bible as their guidelines for being a wife and mother.

13 thoughts on “Proverbs 31 Lessons from My Mom, Grandma, and Great Grandma

  1. What a beautiful legacy! I have started to share mine along the way – as I near 60 I realize that if I don’t my stories will be gone soon. And so will my stories about the women and men who filled my life to overflowing.

    1. I have always been big on hearing stories, it is a connection to my past. My children love them, too.

  2. Love this, Stephanie! I’ve also written about my grandparents and family heritage. We would all do well to remember our roots and not let the good and wholesome parts of our family pedigree get lost in the name of innovative progress. Because your valuable lessons learned will be with you forever! Thank you for this post! Blessings!

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