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Large Family Finances: Menu and Grocery List

We are a large family with six young children with big appetites. With five children in school, one husband who works out of the home, and me home with the youngest there is a great potential for us to have a large grocery bill.

I have included my breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu for the next two weeks.  Many of the items on the menu will be made from what is already in my pantry, fridge, or freezer.

We try to stick to the menu as much as possible. When I have a menu, it allows my grocery shopping trip to stay within budget.

*These are provided to show how my menu ties within to my grocery shopping list.

*Do not shop without a menu.

*Do not shop without a list made from your menu.

Large Family Finance: How to Save Money on Groceries


*Below is a sample menu for a large family. The menus include breakfast, dinner, and lunch.

Breakfast Menu

Saturdays, we have homemade sausage McMuffin’s and for breakfast on Sunday we have pancakes, sausage, and eggs.

By keeping it simple Monday through Friday for breakfast with toast and eggs, yogurt, cereal, oatmeal, or wraps; we save money and time. These ingredients are bought in bulk and kept on hand.

*Wraps are something my children came up with. They use a tortilla shell, Wow Butter (peanut butter alternative), and chocolate chips. Wrap it each cut into sections and have a dish of applesauce on the side.

Lunch Menu

Our lunches are rather predictable but expected and the routine does not seem to bother my husband or children

*Smoothie: Throw in yogurt, pureed veggies, fruit, and a splash of juice into the blender.

*Leftovers are from the dinner the previous night. I just make sure I make enough.

Large Family Finance: How to Save Money on Groceries

Dinner menu



Grocery List

This grocery list is made up of items that I need to make the items on our menu.  There were many things that I have on hand already and have stocked up on to save money in the long run.

My freezer remains full of fruits, veggies, milk, cheese, and meat that I buy when its on sale and keep on hand.   My pantry remains full with items for baking, too.

Keeping a stocked pantry will prevent recurrent trips to the store, causing you to spend more money.

Putting it all together

Sticking to a pre-planned menu, shopping sales, stocking sales, and grocery shopping only for what you need on the menu are a few things to help you save money on your grocery budget.

Be sure to check out, Large Family Finance: How to Save Money on Groceries if you are looking for ways to save money on your grocery bill.



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