Our Children Are Not Safe on the Internet


I am still reeling from yesterday…

Yesterday, I allowed my four year old to watch “Beginners Bible: The Story of Daniel and the Lion’s Den” on YouTube.

A few minutes later I looked up, mind you, in the same room and less than 6 feet from my daughter I was SHOCKED at what I saw!

The images on the screen were disgusting filth that nobody should ever see. But somehow a very graphic porn video popped up and took over the entire video that my four year had been watching.

I am well aware of the dangers lurking on the internet and we have safe guarded our children as much as possible.

We limit technology, television, and media usage. We don’t have smartphones.


But yet it happened and worse was that she saw it. I know it only lasted a few minutes, but regardless those images that she was exposed to affected her.

She was traumatized and speechless because she had never seen anything like it before.

I could not get over to the computer fast enough to shut it down.

This absolutely shocked me and what I found appalling was the fact it was in the middle of a child’s Gospel video.

That phrase still rings true, “Where the children play, the predators prey” especially on the internet.

It is sad, scary, and dangerous what is preying on our children.


When are parents going to wake up and realize that our children’s innocence is at stake on the internet and with access through laptops, phones, video games, and much more…the chances are high your child has been already exposed to something unsavory on the internet.

And it most likely won’t be because they are looking for it, because kids don’t have to be looking for porn.  Porn has a way of finding our kids.

None of them will ever be able to “unsee” what they have seen.

Between sexting, child sex traffic rings, and exposure to images of a graphic nature (violent or sexual) our children are being exposed and it does have an impact on our most precious commodity: our children.

It is a simple, but sad reality: That if your kids are online, they will eventually be exposed to something inappropriate–whether it is full-blown pornography, violence, or perhaps a tempting link which may take them there.

What do you do to safe guard to your children from porn, filth, violence, and vulgarness on the web?

I would love to hear your stories……

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