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Keepers of the Home: Organization

Titus 2:5 calls women to be ‘workers at home.’  We are to be ’employed’ at home. Because we are employed managing our homes, we must not sit idle. In Proverbs 31:27, it states that “She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.” 

By managing our homes we are bringing order to our homes.  By bringing order, it is then that our homes become a place of tranquility and peace.  Our children and husbands can relax and feel loved. How do we make our homes tranquil and peaceful?

By establishing routines and schedules our homes become organized and clean. An organized home is uncluttered.

Disorganization tends to breed chaos, which causes stress. Stress then can easily overwhelm us and in many cases almost causes a paralysis of sorts, which prevents us from even attempting to clean or organize our homes.

Wives and mothers, when we manage our homes through the use of routines and schedules; we will have an efficient home.  And when we learn how to effectively manage our homes through maximizing our time, energy, and resources we are glorifying the Lord.

Learning how to be an organized homemaker is not easy if it does not come naturally to you.  I am by nature an organized person, but my husband and children are not. So you can imagine how quickly my house can become a disaster area.  Over the nearly twenty years of homemaking, I have learned some tricks that have helped me remain organized. Not perfect, but manageable.

Learn how to be an organized Homemaker with these Four Simple Rules:

Rule #1: It is simple. Put things back where they belong as soon as  you are done. This rule goes for both adults and children alike. Every item should have a home. Every time.

Rule #2:  We all do chores. We all help out. Even my two year old is capable of picking up toys and throwing garbage away. Whether you have two or ten children, they are capable of helping out.

Rule #3:  Keep a schedule of daily, weekly, and monthly chores.  Try to stick to it as best as possible.

Rule #4: Keep the kitchen clean or at least one room you use the most. We live in our kitchen, it is the hub of our family activities. It is the first room where my husband drops off his work load or my children drop off their school papers.

Organizational Tips:

1.  Storage:

Storage containers: Before you run to the store and buy everything in sight look around your house and take stock of what you may already have in your possession.  You may save yourself time and money, by repurposing common household items or even unconventional items.

Trunk or chest: This is a great accessory for any room. It has ample storage space, will keep objects out of sight, and you can also use it as a side table.

Wood boxes and baskets: In my household, we have quite a few antique wood boxes and baskets of various sizes.  I use these for books, baby toys, winter hats and mittens, towels, shoes, and many other things.

Under the bed: I am a stickler for not keeping anything we don’t use or need, but I have found as my children get older that they are starting various sentimental collections of things.  We have begun to use wide and low storage cardboard boxes to hold these items.  Each child has two labeled boxes, sentimental papers and sentimental objects, under their beds. These are out of sight and out of mind.

2.  Kids Clothes:

Keep the basics: We only keep the basics and because clothes get washed daily there is no need for keeping tons of unnecessary clothing.  My children each have 2-3 church outfits, 3-4 play outfits, 2-3 work outfits, 2-3 athletic outfits, and sleepwear.

Switch out wardrobes:  Every season, I switch out the wardrobes for my children.  The wardrobe for each season is stored in labeled totes on a utility shelf built specifically for that reason.

3. Toys:

Rotate toys every few months. Bring them out and its almost like a new toy for the children. I did this more when we lived in our 1,200 sq. ft. house then I do now in our 7,000 sq. ft. house.

Store toys in decorative household pieces of furniture that can also double as a seat or table.

4. General Organizational Tips and Helpful Hints:

Over-the-door shoe hangers make great storage for hats, mittens, winter gear, toys, hair accessories, and other fashion accessories.

Metal cans can be used for utensil holders (pencil, cooking, tools)

Canvas totes make excellent storage for small and awkward spaces because they are somewhat flexible and easy to maneuver.

Instead of keeping all those pictures that your children have given you over the years, take pictures of them.  You can store them digitally until you need or want them. For later use, they can be turned into books, calendars, coffee mugs, framed pictures, or quilts.

Put your hangers in the closet and after the season ends, if you have any that have not been turned around-it is time to donate them.

Pay your bills online, it eliminates paperwork.

Pay a bill as soon as you receive it.

Open mail as soon as you get it, it will cut the paper clutter.

Don’t buy any storage containers until you have gone through each room in your house to determine what you can get rid of.


Only keep what you need.

Knick-knacks are dust collectors, take up space, and make a house feel cluttered.

Some last thoughts on the organization of your home

Remember these tips when it comes to the organization of your home.

  1. When it doubt throw it out.
  2. Recycle or reuse it.
  3. Sell your stuff.
  4. Donate your stuff.
  5. Less is always better.
  6. The more you have, the more there is to clean.
  7. You cannot take any of the stuff with you when you die.

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Stephanie, Training Keepers of the Home


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