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KEEPERS CORNER: Training the Children

Training them up in the way they should go…..its never too late.

While my other two daughters are busy doing their schooling, my four year old Rachel is always wanting to do her “schooling” like her big sisters.

One of her favorite ways to learn is with animals. She also loves her Bible stories.

Today, as I read from Genesis and the account of Adam and Eve, she created the Garden of Eden (her own way) using an old family felt board.

I want to encourage you dear sweet ladies in training your children up in the way they should go with some tips and reminders…..

*Don’t underestimate the power of little children.

*Don’t take for granted their cuteness and assume they’re helpless or incapable of learning.

Because they are listening and watching.

Even though they are young and seem distracted, they do listen.

Even at the age of four, my daughter has a deeper understanding of Scripture than what my oldest daughter did at that age.

You see, I failed to give my oldest daughter more credit than what she deserved at that age.

I kept her innocent just by plain failing to not teach her on Scripture and in Biblical wisdom.

On all topics, your children of all ages are listening. They soak things up like little sponges.

Be wise what seeds you plant in their lives and what you allow to take root in their hearts.

For those seeds that you are sowing (perhaps unintentionally) are difficult to weed out once they have begun to grow. (Think unhealthy habits, actions, words, reactions, sinfulness)

Mamas, teach them well.

Be patient with their growth or lack of growth.

It is never too late to start training them up in the way they should go.

Be blessed…Stephanie

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