Keepers Corner: Remaining Flexible to Changes

Keepers Corner: Remaining Flexible to Changes

You know that feeling when you have worked hard at something and expect the rest of your plans to go just as smoothly?

Yep, that was me last night.

I had worked hard all day and prepared for an evening of working in our basement on a long term project. This is the type of project that won’t go away, without consistently working on it.

My initial reaction for a split second was to be annoyed when I realized my plans had to change. We had company gave us a short warning in advance that they would be showing up.

Hospitality is important to me and so is being a good host. So the kids and I went into overdrive and spruced up the house a bit.

Candles were lit. The floor was swept again and lightly mopped.

The pillows and couch cushions were fluffed.

And all toys were put away.

Even though my initial reaction literally lasted seconds, I need to work on my heart specifically in that area.

The visit went wonderful and we were sad to see our guests leave the house.

So what is the point of my story? What do you do when things don’t go your way or your plans are forced to change?

Do you accept change easily, with ease, and a good attitude?

Ladies, most of us know how we should react and respond when plans don’t go our way. Yet how many of us actually do?

If our initial reaction is anger or annoyance each time something does not go our way and we allow it to fester, the focus remains on us. It becomes a rather selfish way of thinking.

Years ago, I reacted a lot differently than I do now. It took time, self reflection, and a lot of God’s grace for me to change my hardened heart in this area.

Ladies, as the keepers of our home; it is important that we remain flexible to change.

It is important that we are always gracious when plans change. The attitude of our hearts will be directly reflected in our attitudes, actions, and responses.

So what do you if you struggle in these areas?

Start changing them one by one.

Always pray and ask the Lord to help you in this area.

Be prepared with verses to redirect your mind and focus.

Be blessed and have a great day!

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