Keepers Corner

Keepers Corner: Gladly Serving My Family

It is cold and snowy here in northern Michigan today.

As the morning surrenders its remaining time and slowly stretches into the afternoon; I become focused on a new set of tasks.

So, while my four year old is napping and my 13 year old is doing her schooling on my bed—–it is time for me to make the most of a few hours of quiet time.

Laundry is done, floors are swept, mopped, and vacummed.

Dinner is planned and ready to go.

If I keep my nose to the grindstone I am hoping to get out a blog post, update our children’s chore charts, and do a few errrands in town before I get my other children from school.

Tonight is skiing classes for my seven year old, so dinner must be ready the minute my beloved husband walks in.

Because he is the one to take her and drive, he depends upon me to be prepared ahead of time.

Hints of Feminism

It wasn’t too long ago, a friend laughed as she told me that her husband can ‘fend for himself and get his own food’……

When questioned, she said that each member of her family-meaning her husband and children-are responsible for feeding themselves, doing their own laundry, and so on.

She said it was “crazy, that I would want to do anything for my husband or family” when they have “two arms and legs” as well.

I explained that my job is to serve, and I serve gladly, as much as I can.

Ladies…the ways of feminism has infiltrated the world and poisoned so many minds.

Be careful what you listen to and who you believe.

Remember, we were created to be our husband’s help meet and serve along side him.

We are the keepers of our home.

We were uniquely designed and created for this role, not a babysitter, maid, or a man.

And even though we are human, therefore, imperfect….we are divinely equipped to serve in these roles.

Be blessed….

Stephanie, Training Keepers of the Home

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