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Keepers Corner: Doing Your Best as a Mother and Trusting God with the Outcome

Keepers Corner: Doing Your Best as a Mother and Trusting God with the Outcome

The other day I was told how nice it was that I was always so “put together” and that I “must never have problems” with my children.

I will be honest, I was pretty torn at that moment. Because part of me wanted to just smile and agree with her, thus allowing my mothering ego to be fulfilled by the well-meaning kind lady.

Bu then on the other hand, I felt like a fraud because I knew that my parenting was less than perfect and I certainly don’t always have it all together, especially when it comes to my children.

However, today….my fraudulent attempt at motherhood was destined to happened. (insert sarcasm here)

The morning, began as it normally does.

I woke up, read my Bible, and made my husband his lunch and after laying our his clothes saw him off to work.

After he leaves I have a few hours to work and do some writing. When I am done I then my kids wake up to breakfast prepared and their vitamins waiting

However on this day, I was expecting an important phone call right about their breakfast time, which meant that I would be unavailable for a good 30 minutes or so. It was during this time my children should have carried on with our normal routine.

My children know the routine well; which is making beds, getting dressed, laundry, breakfast, and tidying their bedrooms.

Yet, we all know that children often become distracted and get off-task easily. And that is where my day took a different turn.

After the phone call, my four year old was mysteriously quiet.

When I walked into her bedroom, she was nowhere to be found but I could hear splashing of water.

I found her sitting in her bathroom sink, completely naked, and singing a song.

Without batting an eye, she said, “Mommy, I giving myself a baf because I was dirty. I wuv you.”

In a way, I wanted to laugh because here was this four year old girl sitting in a bathroom sink happy as can be.

But on the other hand, I wanted to cry because she had splashed water everywhere. The floor, walls, and counter top were soaked.

I choose to laugh.

In the middle of this my 11 year old son and 9 year old daughter decided to go play in the front yard.

They were digging tunnels in the snow which meant I checked on them every 10 minutes or so. (along with everything else I had going on)

In between cleaning up the bathroom, getting my four year old ready for the day, and overseeing household chores; I was also doing schooling with my one daughter that is homeschooled and does not get days off.

Busy, busy, busy.

Here in northern Michigan today we are having a heat wave with temps close to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Warm temps + falling snow = numerous decks with 3-4 foot of snow piled on our decks and walkways.

So in between the craziness that ensued since the dawn of day; we were working in shifts shoveling the snow off our decks.

Today I was reminded that children often don’t like to work.

Mine included.

I did the best I could to have fun and keep them engaged, but really I was exhausted and just wanted to sit down.

Today I was reminded that children often will have mood swings and lash out at siblings.

But since we do not tolerate disrespect or defiance at our home, it became my job to redirect, discipline, and talk to the children.

Human nature can easily cause any mother to throw up her hands in frustration and yell at her kids.

When in reality at times today I did not feel like dealing with all that I had going on.

Is this the picture of a woman that has it all together?

No, not at all.

I am a mother that is reliant upon the grace of our Lord.

I am a mother that cries out multiple times daily for strength, hope, and forgiveness.

I am a mother who makes mistakes, falls short of His glory daily, but has been given hope that is found in Christ Jesus.

Ladies…..no mother has it all together. Ever.

No mother is Pinterest Perfect.

Please be encouraged to speak life into your homes.

Love your God, first and foremost.

Secondly, love those husbands.

And finally, enjoy those children of yours.

When you make mistakes, embrace the gift of His grace that is yours. Accept the fact we all are not perfect.

Dear Sweet Mama’s-we must fight that human nature daily. The human nature that involves our pride and ego.

The very same human nature that causes us to lash out at our children or to wish for a snow day so one does not have to ‘deal with their child.’


Make forgiveness part of who you are. Seek forgiveness often and forgive others as well.

It is our job to do our best as mothers and put out our best effort, but leave the outcome to God.

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