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Is Your Home a Well-Oiled Machine?

Is Your Home a Well-Oiled Machine?

A well-managed home is like a well-oiled machine. All parts move together in unison and working together for the greater whole.

As the manager of your home, you are the not the only ‘worker’ of the house. What is the manager of the home? Read more here.

But as the manager it is your responsibility to ensure the cohesiveness of all of the parts.

This cannot be done without prayer, a routine or schedule, and enlisting the help of your spouse at times and your children.

Children are great helpers no matter what the ages, and given age-appropriate chores will help you in managing your home.

If you are running ragged on both ends and not allowing your children to do tasks and take responsibility, chances are you will face burnout.

If you have ever seen a well-oiled machine, it is quite beautiful to watch because all of the parts are coordinated to work together to perform the function of the machine.

Busy women deserve organized planners.

Each part has its own function that works in conjunction with the others.

Your home is similar in the sense that you are one part of a greater ‘machine’ and the other members of your house has functions to perform as well.

Working together in a family alleviates stress and promotes bonding.
And, like any well-oiled machine that needs regular maintenance, so does our home management.

Take the time to work out problems that may occur. Invest the time now to maintain your home management and keep on top of things.

*Perhaps, your schedule is no longer working and needs an adjustment. No schedule has to be permanent. Flexibility is good for the entire family.

*If clutter is taking over your home, take the time to declutter or reorganize. Set the goal of decluttering or organizing 15-20 minutes daily. Each member of the family can work in zones, too.

Elizabeth George’s book on Life Management for Busy Women

*Feel free to say no to activities or commitments that are not conducive to your family or their needs. There is such a thing as being too busy.

What is not working in your home management?

What needs to change in order for you to manage your home more effectively?

Stephanie Malcolm, Training Keepers of the Home

3 thoughts on “Is Your Home a Well-Oiled Machine?

  1. I had been working with my oldest on how to do chores, but lately I have had him entertain his brother while I do them. Hopefully soon we’ll be able to get back on track!

  2. After my dad died, I had no emotional availability for anything. I constantly felt like there was at least 10 conversations going on in my head at once. My home was chaos…I felt chaotic. It made me realize how the little things I do to manage my home were so incredibly vital to the structure of our home and providing a home free of chaos. God gently reminded me of just a few of the tools I used in the past and I have slowly started incorporating them these last 2 months-tools such as the 10 minute cleanup- and oh man, how much easier life is!! These little things help so much!

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