Introduction and a few other things…..

Blog. It is a rather odd word if you think about it.  It was not a word that had even entered my vocabulary until I began having children.  Since the birth of my children, I actually had began a few blogs and eventually would abandon them for various reasons.

Originally, I thought that my blog would be a place for me to just write and share thoughts.  However, the more I thought about it and prayed over it; it became apparent that I could use my blog and words to encourage, edify, equip, and educate Christian women in their roles as wives and mothers.

I have been married to my husband for eighteen years. We have seven children. One here, one in heaven. We both have been born-again Christians since the beginning of our marriage and are raising our children in the church.

Before I was a homemaker, I was a teacher and taught for 10 years. However,  I have been home for nearly thirteen years as a mom and wife.

Life is busy.

Life is good.

Daily I am able to see God’s grace in my role as a mother and a wife. I am extremely blessed with this platform of a blog to be able to share and educate others.

post Introduction and a few other things.....

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