I Will Carry You

“There were photographs I wanted to take.

Things I wanted to show you

Sing sweet lullabies, wipe your teary eyes

Who could love you like this?

People say that I am brave but I’m not

But there’s a greater story

Written long before me

Because He loves you like this” 

(Selah, I Will Carry You) This song was sung by  Christian band, Selah, as a tribute to band member, Todd and his wife Angie Smith’s daughter after the loss of their infant daughter,  Audrey.

Angie wrote the song and it offers hope and comfort to those grieving.

There is also a book written by Angie Smith, I Will Carry You, The Sacred Dance of Grief and Joy . This book was given to me by a very close friend after I received the news that my unborn child was diagnosed deemed incompatible with life.

I felt as if I could have written this book myself.  I felt a deep connection with her as I continued the book. In no way do I receive any compensation for promoting this book. It is just that good. She manages to be real, connect on an emotional level, and yet all praise goes back to God; her Rock and Deliverer.

On many levels I was able to connect with Angie as I read the book. I stood firmly rooted in my faith during that time in my life.  I trusted Him, I found peace in His presence, and continued to praise Him.  He is my Rock and my Deliverer, too.

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