How to Simply Your Belongings and Become Organized

How to Simplify Your Belongings and Become Organized

I love the beginning of each New Year.

Who doesn’t love a fresh start? A new beginning?

At the beginning of each year one of my favorite things to do is to declutter and simplify our belongings.

It takes very little time and areas such a huge impact on a room and tiny spaces.

What about you, do you love fresh beginnings and the thought of becoming organized? But does that thought overwhelm you, causing you to stop before you even start?

It is really not that hard to become organized, it is a matter of simply changing the way you look at your belongings.

Below are six simple rules that I use for simplifying what I own and in the process it helps my family become more organized.

Steph’s Six Simple Rules for Simplifying

  1. Have handy a few boxes or garbage bags. Label one as donate and one as trash.
  2. Scan the room, drawer, space, or area that you will be cleaning.
  3. Immediately anything that is trash should be placed in the trash container.
  4. Then look around the room and put belongings back in the correct place.
  5. In this process, scan the room to see what objects are needed, useful, or wanted. Put belongings in their proper place, especially clothes/toys/sentimental objects. If you see something useful but you don’t want it or need it: DONATE IT!
  6. Soon your eye will become trained in making the decision to keep, donate, or trash. This process does not need to take a lot of time.
    For example, if you are folding laundry and see a few shirts that your child has grown: DONATE IT!

Some Possible Scenarios to Consider

*After children receive Christmas or birthday gifts, consider replacing the old gifts with the new gifts.

*At the change of the season, take out old or worn clothes, to replace with newer ones. Donate the old ones.

*Children grow fast, and so does their interests and hobbies. As each phase comes to an end, consider parring down on what your child owns.

*How many kitchen gadgets do you really need? Do you really use them all?

*What about that magazine collection that has been sitting around? Can you donate that to an nursing home or doctors office?

*As you are helping your child put away toys look for broken outgrown toys.

*This can be done while cleaning, putting away laundry, or just walking through the house.

A few minutes here and a few minutes there, will really add up and make a huge impact on your home.

This may be a new way of thinking for you, especially if you’re thesentimental type and tend to get attached to your belongings or hanging to an object ‘just in case’ it may come in handy someday.

However, if practiced regularly it becomes easy to observe and make decisions whether or not you need to keep something.

My children are well-versed in this process and are able to make the decisions on what to keep, trash, or donate.

My children will ask me to take items they no longer want (but are still good) to be donated. They are capable of making these decisions on their own, but often I do guide them in this by asking questions that cause them to think about it.

What can you get rid of today? What areas of your home need the most decluttering or organization?

Be blessed,

Stephanie, Training Keepers of the Home

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