How to Preserve Childhood Memories with a Journal

How to Preserve Childhood Memories with a Journal

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How do you keep and/or record the memories of your children?

Some women scrapbook.

Some are avid photographers.

Some, like me, prefer to write down those memories.

Even though I have been journaling for over 31 years, I did not realize the need to preserve precious memories until I became a mother.

It was not until I held my own child in my arms did I realize that I needed a way to record my feelings, thoughts, and emotions.

Now here I am 15 years later with six children and six well-worn journals that I keep by my bedside.

The journals are my letters to my children. I have no rules for what I write in them.

They contain my joy, sorrows, hopes, and fears for each child. I often express frustration or anger at a particular situation or phase they are in.

Many of these pages have been filled while dealing with stressful pregnancies, numerous health scares, the death of their brother, and fear for the world they live in.

I have poured my heart into these journals, as well as dozens of prayers for their hearts to know and love the Lord.

These journals are not the complete story of their childhoods, because at times the writing became infrequent and scattered. However, throughout the journals my love is portrayed for each of my children.

It is woven through the words that grace each page. Many times these words were written with a broken heart that was crying out for mercy for the child.

Whatever I write and no matter how long or how short, my children will know that Mom loved them because I took the time to keep these journals. Each journal entry ends with a “Love Mommy” signature.

How to Keep a Memory Journal in 7 Steps

Any paper journal (soft or hardcover) will do. For each of my seven children, I have seven different styles of journals. Here are a few of my favorite types of journals.



Find a sturdy writing utensil that will only be used for the journals. See here for long-lasting pens (or here) that make an impact while writing.


Keep the journals together in the same place (if you have more than one child, this is important) I keep my children’s journals in a decorative basket that fits in with the decor of my bedroom.

Write in your own words. You have nobody to impress. Be unique. Be You!

Write from the heart. Write what is on your mind regarding your child: fears, hopes, funny moments, cute memories, prayers, praises, and so on.

Pray for wisdom before you write. If you consistently write only when you’re angry or upset, this could be upsetting to the child later on in life. Be sure to share a variety of topics.

Keep in mind, this is from you to your child. So whatever you decide to do, will be perfect for your child. Years from now, they are going to cherish the journals if they are kept authentic and unique.

Enjoy the process of journaling, don’t make it a chore to do or soon you will find yourself dreading it; and those journals will be sitting with blank pages.

There is a story to tell and mama’s you are the one telling it.

A journal can become a cherished memoir and part of your family legacy in the years to come.

Be blessed.

Stephanie, Training Keepers of the Home

3 thoughts on “How to Preserve Childhood Memories with a Journal

  1. I really love this idea for preserving childhood memories. I have done a letters to my children type of thing online (privately), but this is a wonderful idea. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I come from a family of authors, writers, and historians. Early on I learned the value of preserving memories. My prayer is the my love of Christ is passed on through the legacy of loving my family.

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