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Do you struggle keeping your home clean and tidy?  Do you clean only when you cannot stand it anymore, but end up becoming so overwhelmed because you have so much to do? Today, I have a post from The Crafting Christian Mama on how to follow a schedule and why you should follow a schedule for cleaning your home.


I’ve been there, heck, sometimes I’m still there. It really might seem like a silly question but I know I’m not the only person who wonders, “How do you keep your home clean?” The simple answer is, “You clean it.” But when you have a busy schedule or you’re figuring out motherhood (or both), keeping your home clean can be overwhelming. Whether your home is large or small, trying this one strategy can make keeping up with your home so much easier. Ready?


Yes, you heard me, a cleaning schedule. I used to think cleaning schedules were silly and that you should just know how to keep your home clean. Enter motherhood. After I had C it was like I forgot how to keep our home clean. I beat myself up about it for a while, why was it so hard to keep a two bedroom apartment clean?! I’m still not sure, but it probably had a LOT to do with figuring out how to balance marriage, a job, a baby, and all that comes with postpartum.

One day, thanks to mom2mom, the heavens opened and I finally had a game plan. Yup, a cleaning schedule. One of the wonderful women who organizes mom2mom and is a mother of six children gave a presentation on cleaning. Cleaning itself isn’t new to me (I cleaned when I worked at church camp and I was a janitor in college), but what she had to say about a cleaning schedule made so much sense! I was sold and made my own cleaning schedule that afternoon.


The beauty of a cleaning schedule is twofold. First, you know that by the end of the week your home will be clean. Second, it breaks things up into manageable chunks. So instead of feeling overwhelmed, you can focus on that specific room or a specific list of chores instead of trying to clean your whole apartment or house in one day. Now some people love to have a cleaning day and just clean the whole place in one go- if that’s you then great! Right now, that doesn’t work for our family.


First, you need to decide which chores need to be done regularly. I assign certain tasks to each day and list which chores are to be done daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. Once you’ve decided what chores will be completed and when it’s time to make your schedule.

I chose to break up most of my cleaning up by rooms instead of by task because it just made more sense to my brain.



Here are my daily, weekly, and monthly.


  • Wiping down the dining room table and kitchen counters
  • Tidying toys
  • Two loads of laundry (we have a tiny washing machine)


  • Disinfecting door handles
  • Take out the trash (my husband does this and the cat box)
  • Empty the cat box (okay, this is more than twice a week)
  • Sweep the kitchen, bathroom, and entryway floors


  • Wash the outside of the windows
  • Mop the kitchen, bathroom, and entryway floors
  • Clean out, organize, and vacuum the cars
  • Declutter/purge clothing, toys, books, etc.


Proverbs 31:27 (ESV)
She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.

Because if you are the one in your home, this is what a woman of God does. Look at the Proverbs 31 woman, to the best of her ability, she tends to her home. When you are the homemaker, you have an incredible influence on the tone of your home. If your home is chaotic because you are choosing to neglect it, that will affect the tone of your home and will set an example for everyone in your home. (And by this, I am not including illnesses, bed rest, those first few weeks with a new baby, and any situation beyond your control, I’m talking about laziness.)

As an example, when my home is clean my son is less overwhelmed. He is only one year old, but when all of his toys are everywhere his concentration goes from minutes to seconds. He cannot focus and is overwhelmed. Add in the feelings he picks up from me when piles of laundry are everywhere, and dishes are all over the table, and it exacerbates the situation. But when he has a few toys out at a time (his choice of toys of course) and the laundry and dishes are not scattered everywhere, he will happily play with his chosen toys until he reaches the end of his attention span. My husband is happier when our home doesn’t look like a pig sty. I am also 100% a better wife and mother when my home is neat and tidy, or at least not a disaster zone.

Every home is different and every family is different so this may not work for you, but I have found that there is a huge difference in my home and for my family when I do my best to keep up with our home. Try it for a week and see what happens!

Click here to download your free printable to make your own cleaning schedule!

Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning Schedule

Do you have a cleaning schedule? What strategies have you found helpful in keeping up with your home?


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    1. Sometimes I do not feel like cleaning, but I know life with six children can turn my house upside down quickly.

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