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How to Completely Transform a Room Without Spending a Penny



Want a new look without spending a lot of time (or money)?

Rearrange your furniture. Yes, it is that simple.

And even better, it does not have to cost a cent.

You might be surprised at what a big difference moving a few things around can do. It will feel like a brand new space and you won’t have spent a penny.



Choose a focal point

Every room should have a focal point.  Whether it be a television, area rug,  art work, or a window; choose a focal point for your room. . The focal point is where people’s eyes first land upon entering a room such as the living room.

It could be a natural focal point, like a fireplace mantle or a big window with a view, or it can be something you’ve designed to be the focal point, like an accent wall or large piece of artwork.

Pull furniture away from the walls

When furniture is pushed up against the walls, it doesn’t portray the image of having any breathing room, and it can make the area in the middle feel very cavernous.

Pulling the furniture away from the walls will make conversation areas appear more intimate and will create a better sense of overall balance. Even in a small room, you can pull them away ever so slightly.

Create conversation areas or corners

No one should ever have to  yell or shout, lean forward, or crane their necks in awkward positions in order to have a regular conversation.

Please be aware that when you arranging furniture to keep in mind that couches and chairs should face each other to some degree.

In large rooms, this can sometimes seem difficult, but keep in mind that you can create more than one conversation area in a single room.

Even smaller houses without much space you can find a small corner to put a chair or two to create a conversation corner. We have had small houses and now live in a larger house, but wherever we lived we always had conversation corners.

All it takes is a small space and a few chairs. It certainly does not have to be anything fancy.  In fact, some of my best conversations occured in camping chairs on our front porch.

Transform a room, rearrange furniture

Be aware of traffic flow

When you’re arranging furniture, be mindful of how people will get to and around all of it. You should never make anyone have to climb over or trip over one piece of furniture in order to access another part of the room or to sit down on the couch.

They should also be able to pass through the room without having to take an awkward route. Make sure you’ve left room for clear walking paths, especially for the elderly or trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Use end tables and coffee tables

This is a must have for my family. We have at least two end tables or coffee tables in our living room. We use them for our water bottles and popcorn bowls when we are watching a movie.

An you want to make sure that a guest is never left holding a coffee cup for their entire visit.

The use of small table also provides balance to a room and fills in those small awkward gaps around furniture.

Reverse the placement of the couch and chairs

Often, just the simple act of switching the places of your couch and chair(s) refreshes a room.

Flip flop the position of your seating arrangements.  This may be the only thing that you have to do.

Move pictures and collectibles around to a different spot in the room, or even to a completely different room.

While I admit that I prefer a minimalistic look in our house and don’t keep a large amount pictures and collectibles sitting out; just simply rearranging the one’s that I do have changes the look of a room.

There is no rule stating that because a picture has been on one wall for years that you must leave it there.  Switch things up a bit.

Move that cherished collection of vases to another shelf for display.

Move your children’s pictures to another wall.  Switch out lamps between rooms.

Simply just switching couch pillows and blankets in the living room can have a huge impact.


How about you? What do you do to refresh the look of a room?

I would love to see pictures in the comments of your before and after of rearranging furniture.



Stephanie, Training Keepers of the Home



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