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LIVING VIRTUOUSLY: A Wife’s Complete Guide to Keeping Her House and Home (CHAPTER 2 BOOK STUDY)



Chapter 2 Book Study:  VIRTUOUS CONDUCT


This chapter touches many nerves as Erin dives deep into teaching us about modesty in both our actions and attitude. We learn that even if our actions or apparel may be considered modest,  that if we have an immodest heart that it is practically the same.

Ladies, as we dive deep into the second chapter of this book and learn how to live virtuously, please be encouraged that I am praying for each and every single one of you.


Below are some tips to help you get the most out of this book as we continue studying it.

*Read this undistracted and undisturbed.

*Read after you have prayed

*Read Scripture first. God’s written word should be a priority and this book does not replace His words. This book is a tool of encouragement to help you in your walk.

*Take notes, highlight your book, and save these questions. Reread later. You may be amazed at your transformation.


Ladies, I began the book eager to read it because it had such positive reviews. As soon as I began reading, I was taken in my Erin’s kind tone and encouragement.  And let me tell you that just like her writing, Erin sounds the same in person.  Warm, understanding, and a wonderful example of a Titus 2 woman.

I began this book and ended this book a changed woman, Erin’s book was a great resource for myself as I took a good long look at my heart and my attitude towards my husband, home, and family.  Be encouraged as you read her words.


Be blessed…





Chapter 2 Discussion Questions


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