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How to Be the Interior Decorator of Your Home- It’s Not What You Think

How to Be the Interior Decorator of Your Home- It’s Not What You Think

An interior decorator is one who is hired to design and implement that design into a home.

A woman who is a interior decorator is an woman invested in the character and heart of her home, children, and husband. She cares more about their character, than the outside appearance.

She is invested in each of them. It is her job as the manager of the home and the keeper of the home to ‘decorate’ the interior of home with her love and care.

The same goes for children and husbands; it is a woman’s job to decorate their hearts with her love, prayers, and guidance.

Instead of spending more time on what the nursery will look like or having the perfect birthday party; spend that time and energy on your child.

Your child won’t remember the birthday parties, they outgrow nurseries, and clothing.

They will remember their mama playing on the floor with them, reading to them, praying with them, volunteering at VBS, homeschooling them, and teaching them to cook.

They don’t care how much you paid for their shoes.

They don’t need another fancy gadget, toy, or afterschool activity.

They don’t need Disney World, a smartphone, or another video game.

Your children need you! They need you to invest in their lives.

Your home needs you!

Your husband needs you!

Invest in Your Blessings

Your home, husband, and children are blessings from above. It is by no mistake that you are the manager, wife, and mother of the home.

By investing in those gifts you are living out the role you were created for and being a blessing in those lives around you.

Below are eight ways that you can invest in those precious blessings.

  1. Speak Life into your home
  2. Love your husband
  3. Don’t Try to Have a Pinterest Perfect Home
  4. Love those children, enjoy those children, and seek encouragement in the ministry of motherhood.
  5. Pray, pray, and pray.
  6. Spend time not money. Play with your kids. Listen to your husband. Go for a walk.
  7. Write down your marriage, homemaking, and parenting goals. Visit them often.

I would love to hear how you invest in your family and home.

Be Blessed,

Stephanie, Training Keepers of the Home

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