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How Draw Closer to God Using the P.R.A.I.S.E Method

It is so easy in our busy day-to-day lives as homemakers to lose our focus and purpose in what we’re doing. 

And often in the process we move further away from God because we get so caught up in carrying out tasks and checking off those to-do’s on our chore list.

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What can you do if you want draw closer to God?

First of all, just because we don’t ‘feel’ close to the Lord does not mean He has forsaken us. 

Often it means that our heart is clouded with other distractions causing us to become derailed in our spiritual walk.

By using the P.R.A.I.S.E Method outlined below it will allow you draw closer to God, even if you don’t feel like you are.



P Pray, petition, and praise God


R Read, remember, and recite


A Ask, admire,  admit sins, and adoration


I Inspire, instruction, and intercession


S Seek, serve, and sing songs of praise


E  Earnestly seek, encouragement, and equip


These methods seem so simple, but you will find yourself filled with peace as you praise His holy name.

Your heart will become filled with joy as you give thanks for all that He has done.

Find out more about the Holy One by reading the Living Word; and become inspired as you read about life’s instructions.

When you earnestly seek Him, you will find yourself equipped and filled with encouragement in your faith walk.

As we live out our faith walk in our daily lives as the keepers of our home, we must remember to stay focused.

This is done by keeping our priorities straight, God-husband-children-home. Because if any of our priorities are out of whack, it tends to throw things off balance.

God must be first. Then everything else will fall into place. 

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