Hope for peanut allergy sufferers?

nuts-1736520_1920.jpg In 2009 my son (then nine months old) was diagnosed with several food allergies.  He has since outgrown all of them except for his peanut allergy. We have had to adjust our lives accordingly to ensure his safety. We read labels. We know which restaurants are safe. We never assume. We are aware of possible cross contamination. We always carry two epipens.  As parents we are always prepared. However, we have always hoped for a ‘cure’ in this area. It is not always easy and we have had to make sacrifices to ensure our son’s safety, but it obviously is worth it. We are kept up-to-date from his allergist on groundbreaking studies on the horizon regarding peanut allergies. There are some very promising leads. One of them is Project Abbie. “Project Abbie is inspired by the story of Abbie Benford, who succumbed to complications related to anaphylaxis just eight days before her 16th birthday. The Wyss Institute, in collaboration with Boston Children’s Hospital, is developing a wearable, non-invasive device that could sense anaphylaxis and automatically inject epinephrine in individuals who are unable to do so themselves; a device that could have saved Abbie’s life.” (Daily Motion) This is very encouraging and as a parent of a peanut allergic child, I can only pray that this comes to fruition with all the advances in modern science, sooner rather than later. Please share in the hopes of getting this news out there with other parents to hear.  

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