Homemade Yogurt

The month of October is almost over and the allotted amount for groceries has been spent in our budget.   There was no money left to buy yogurt and this is one staple we eat a lot of on a daily basis. Rather than go without for the next week or so, I decided to make some because I knew I had all the ingredients on hand.

Over the past eighteen years I have tried various methods to making yogurt. I have even owned a yogurt maker and yet out of all the recipes I have tried, there has only been one that is perfect. The Frugal Girl has been a wonderful resource for me in helping save money and how to cheerfully live on less. Her homemade yogurt recipe is a frugal, easy, and fool-proof way to achieve great tasting yogurt for your family.

My daughter was home from school due to a dental procedure that was done and while her younger sister was napping, we made some yogurt using this homemade yogurt recipe from the Frugal Girl.

Our Homemade Yogurt Making


 1.  Milk in pan ready to boil

Liquid thermometer

2. Heating up jars, lids, and rings

3.  Ingredients ready to go. At the point of this picture, the milk was already in the pan and I was soaking the milk jug (hence the water in the jug)

4. More preparation

5. Milk is heating up

6.  Milk reached temp of 185 degrees and now is in bath of cold water cooling to 120 degrees.

Need canning jars for your yogurt?


    1.  I use either whole milk or 2 % milk.
    2. Get all of your ingredients and materials out beforehand. Preparation is the key.
    3. This takes about 30-45 minutes from beginning to end.
    4. Any size of glass jar would work, and as you can tell we used what we had on hand.
    5. The homemade yogurt recipe can be done plain or with added sugar and vanilla.  My children prefer the added sugar and vanilla.
    6. While the recipe calls for leaving in the hot water of 120 degrees for about 3 hours once it is all mixed, I have found that I leave it in for 4-5 hours. It results in a tangier taste and a more firm yogurt. Keep one cup of this on hand for your next batch of yogurt.
    7. Savings have been huge for my family since we have began using this recipe.
    8. We use yogurt as a cooking substitute, for smoothies, eating plain, and so much more.

*This yogurt can be stored for up to a month as long as its sealed in the container.




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