Lying, stealing, cheating, idolatry, and murder all examples of sin.

But then again, sin is also telling a ‘little white lie’ to your children.

Overeating, talking bad about your friend, spending too much time on social media when you should be with your family, cheating on taxes,  and coveting something that a friend has are examples of sin.

There is no such thing as little or big sin. Sin is sin. The punishment of sin is death and the truth is we are all sinners that deserve death.

The one thing that sin has in common with everybody is that it causes us to feel guilty.



Have you ever drank an entire 2 liter of soda and eaten an entire box of donuts? How did you feel afterwards?

At an eating establishment, have you ever intentionally taken more than your share of napkins or condiments?  Does this ever bother you?

If you are married, do you ever develop a crush on another man or allow yourself to think about being with him? Would you share these feelings or thoughts with your husband?

Do you withhold the entire truth in a conversation when talking to somebody? Or do you embelish a story to get your point across? Nobody is going to know, right?

Are you in obsessed with the idea of making more money?  Do you think about money all of the time?

I can imagine that most people in these scenarios would feel guilty.

These are all sins and that feeling you feel after committing one is called guilt. Nobody likes it and we all deal with it to some degree.


Guilt is that terribly heavy feeling that you feel in the depths of your heart.

Guilt is a heavy burden.  Sins and failures from your past consistently accuse and condemn you,  dragging you down and mercilessly stealing your joy and peace.

Could that be true of you? Do you struggle with guilt?

Freedom guilt

Freedom from Guilt

Guilt weighs us down and can convince us that we are unworthy, when the truth is that we are loved.

Worthy, we are not. However, we are loved by the Lord-who sent us His son, Jesus, to die for our sins.

We no longer have to carry the burden from the guilt of our sins.

His blood washed us clean and set us free. When we have been born again, that made us new again. Our old self died the minute we accepted Jesus as our Savior.

Did you read that? You and I were made new again, the minute we accepted Christ as our Savior.  We have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus. You and I no longer have to carry the burden of our sins.  We are free indeed!

Not sure if you want to believe me? Go look at what at Romans 8:1-2 says:

“Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and of death.”

God doesn’t want you to bury your guilt-ridden heart and shame-filled head in the sand and give up on  looking for Him because you messed up so badly.

Jesus knew that you and I would sin and fall short of His standard of perfection, but He died for us anyway!  So when we turn away from our sins and ask for His forgiveness, He forgives completely and forgets for eternity.



When you truly know Jesus Christ, there is no longer any judgment against you. The Judge of the universe will not find you guilty.

Now that is truly amazing … and utterly wonderful! It is time to stop being burdened by your guilt.

Give thanks to the Lord for taking away your sins, and believe God when He says there is no condemnation for you.

Embrace the freedom that you have been given.

Start to enjoy the wonderful world of guilt-free living, and experience all the joy and peace God has planned for you.


Stephanie, Training Keepers of the Home


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