Guest Post: Fear of Missing Out: Two Lessons I’ve Learned From Motherhood

Fear of Missing Out: Two Lessons I’ve Learned From Motherhood

Today I am honored to have Laura Ketchie, LPC on the blog. Laura is a counselor, and along with her husband have formed Relationship Helpers.

“Relationship Helpers was born out of the desire of two therapists, Vincent and Laura Ketchie, to help more people than the limits of their counseling practice. Now, you can listen to weekly broadcasts and podcasts on topics pertaining to family/relational issues and gain helpful tips to make your relationships thrive!”

Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me

My baby won’t stop staring at me. This isn’t literally true, but it feels like it. You see, Vincent and I gifted ourselves a canvas photo of our son Jesse for Christmas. When we decided on size, we went a little overboard. Now, no matter where you go in our living room, there is a GIANT Jesse peering back at you. It even seems like his eyes follow you. With the risk of making this sound like an episode of Scooby Doo, I digress…

You can read the rest of Laura’s article here, Fear of Missing Out: Two Lessons I’ve Learned From Motherhood.

You can contact Laura by clicking on this link, Relationship Helpers.   Hope you enjoy.


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