Grief Diaries

Before the loss of my son, I would have never considered myself an author. Sure, I enjoyed writing, but never once considered myself an author.

I have been writing since I was thirteen years old. For twenty eight years I have documented my life in words. It is through my words I have been free to express anger, joy, hurt, excitement, fears, and disappointments.

Each of my children have a journal I began for them at birth. I document their antics, frustrating moments as their mothers, prayers, and my hopes and dreams for them. Some day they will have these in their possession and long after I am gone, my words will be there reinforcing my love for them. However, my son David’s journal is short. Too short.  Part of me co-authored the book, Surviving the loss of a pregnancy, to share his story and the other part of me wanted to help others who have gone through a loss of their child and/or pregnancy.

Below is the link, where you can find, Loss of a Pregnancy, in the Grief Diaries anthologies.  This is one of many books that have been written by authors all over the world. Surviving the loss of a pregnancy, Grief Diaries by Stephanie Malcolm, Jennifer Clarke, Lynda Fell “A pregnant woman is said to be expecting, but no one expects pregnancy loss. The devastation in the aftermath of losing a baby, no matter how small, can steal your breath, and leave you with more questions than answers. Why did this happen? Did I do something wrong? Will it happen again? Why don’t others understand? Why don’t I understand?

Part of the 5-star book series, Grief Diaries: Surviving Loss of a Pregnancy features the journeys of women seeking healing and hope after losing a first, second, third trimester pregnancy and stillborn baby. Readers who share the same path will find comfort and compassion, family members will gain better understanding, and professionals will appreciate the rich spectrum of journeys narrated by writers from around the world.

Learn more at grief diaries.” Grief Diaries

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