15 Frugal Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day on a Budget

In two days January will be over. Wasn’t it just Christmas?

Seriously, it seems like we just took the tree down.  January flew by this year as it always does for my family in a frenzy of flurried snow days at home with my kiddos, Bible studies, and downhill skiing.

While I purposely do not go to shopping very often, I have noticed that Valentine’s Day goods have already filled the store shelves. Red hearts, candies, and pinked stuffed critters are placed just so to catch your eye.

However, they should not be able to catch all of your money. Valentine’s Day can become really expensive by the time you buy for teachers, your spouse, your children, and your children’s classmates.

I have composed a list of various ways to be able to celebrate Valentine’s Day without spending a ton of money, but still doing so with love.

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day on a Budget

  1.  Make a homemade card for your children or spouse, or perhaps an elderly neighbor or grandparent.  It takes time, but shows the recipient that you care for them.  It is more thoughtful than buying a card for $4.99 at the store that will more than likely get thrown away later on.  However, where a homemade card can be personalized and is often kept longer because of the sentiment attached to it.
  2. Give your spouse a massage.
  3. Fix a favorite meal together.
  4. Bake homemade red heart sugar cookies with personal messages.
  5.  Grab a movie from Redbox, a Little Caesars pizza, and a box of cheap candy from the dollar store. This can be done for under $10.  Time spent at home together either as a couple or as an entire family on the cheap.
  6. Make a personalized coupon book for the recipient. It can be filled with anything you want it to say. For the child, you maybe can have a coupon for a date at the library with mom or a walk after dinner. Perhaps, for your husband you can have a coupon for an evening off from doing any chores and allow him to watch whatever he wants on television for the evening. (No nagging from you)
  7. Write a poem.
  8. Go visit a nursing home. Sing a song, have your children draw pictures to pass out, or  just sit and listen. Many of these patients have no visitors. Share the love.
  9. Give your time to a cause that is important to you.
  10. Make a donation in the recipient’s honor.
  11. Go to a free venue that is near you. Maybe its a concert, movie, or poetry reading.
  12. Husbands, give your wife a  day off.  Plan a day where she can go shopping, get a haircut, or a pedicure without the children. Trust me, I love my children, but even just a few hours away can rejuvenate me physically and mentally.
  13. Perhaps, if you do not care on what day you celebrate Valentine’s Day, you could do it on another day.First of all, the day after all merchandise goes on sale for a minimum of 50% off.  Wait until the day after, buy what you want, and then celebrate. Win-win. Saving money and still celebrating.
  14. For my children, it can get expensive so we buy the next year’s Valentine’s Day cards the day after on clearance and have saved tons of money by doing that.
  15. Using red food dye make Valentine’s heart pancakes for your children and pink strawberry syrup for milk.  Add a cherry on top of the pancakes for a fun topping.


Remember it is not how much you spend on the gift, but the amount of love that goes into it.  Valentine’s Day has become a very commercialized holiday and many consumers feel obligated to spend money they usually don’t have on things the recipient does not necessarily need.


There are many ways to still celebrate without breaking the bank and staying within your budget. What ways have you celebrated and saved money?

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