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13 Frugal Tips That Will Help Your Budget

Frugal tips to help your budget


Are you struggling with spending too much money?

Do you not have enough money in your budget to cover your monthly expenses?

Fast, Effective Tips to Save Your Family Money

Here are some of own personal tips that we do to save money.

  • Make our own laundry soap. There are many different recipes online that you can find and tweak to suit your family’s lifestyle. Huge savings!
  • Shop at garage sales, thrift stores, and consignment shops for your basic needs.. We did this for clothing mainly, but often find books, videos, shoes, and other household items we need. This has saved us thousands of dollars over the past eighteen years of our marriage.
  • Have your child wear hand-me-down clothing. Each child wears hand-me-down clothing from their siblings, cousins, or friends. My children are able to dress stylishly and comfortably.
  • Be mindful of electric use. Shut off lights when not in use. Unplug anything not in use.
  • Keep heat at a low temperature in the house and wear layers. This encourages movement at times or cuddling under blankets as we watch free movies.
  • Utilize free entertainment. Play board games, read books, and borrow free DVD’s from the local library instead of going out for entertainment.
  • Think ahead when shopping and preparing food. We buy in bulk, cook in bulk, and freeze the food.
  • Plan a menu, shop around the menu, shop once a month, keep our pantries and freezer stocked at all times, and only shop once to twice a month. We do shop more often for perishables like dairy and fruit and veggies.
  • Don’t impulse buy.
  • Tell your children no. If our children want something that is not in the budget, they must use their own money.
  • Food prep and traveling. For sporting events, road trips, and other activities were food venues are present we bring  out own food each and every time. I always have frozen water bottles packed, snacks ready to go, and I will grab a large cooler to throw it all in. It has saved us hundreds of dollars over the past ten years of doing this.
  • Souvenirs: For souvenirs on planned trips, we encourage the children to fill small container with sand from the beach, a polished rock, or a sea shell to bring home.  Or we stop and buy postcards as a memento of our trip, even a day trip.  We do allow and budget for one key chain from a place we visit, then at home with save it with our decorations, and place it on the tree at Christmas. For a beach trip I will take the sand, shells, and rocks and place them in a Mason jar with a lid. I label the jar with the date and location.  The children love this. And each year we love seeing the key chain ornaments come out and share the stories from that day. Creating memories.
  • Free attractions: If we are in a new town, we look for free activities or free museums for our family. Often just a trip to a new beach, playground, or other free attractions are just has fun.  In the Upper Peninsula of Michigan we have the ability to see free museums, back road attractions, fishing holes, waterfalls, hiking trails, lighthouses, state parks, canoe rivers, and the list goes on.  For fun in a new area, we find the visitor center and allow the children to take brochures of interests. They have a collection of brochures and maps of places we have visited over the years.


What does your family do to save money?

Let me encourage you to get creative in different ways to save money. Make it a family activity. There is no better way to get everybody on the same page, then to have a common goal like saving money.

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