Frugal Tips for Thursday

Dinner had been done and the kitchen was cleaned hours ago, when my  husband mentioned that he needed more food for his snack day tomorrow at the office. In the corporate office where my husband works the guys are on snack rotation every Friday. Tomorrow happens to be his. He had already made jalapeno roll-ups as part of it, but apparently he decided the guys at the office needed more. Well, due to the blinding snowstorm occurring and the fact I do not want to spend money on anything at the store, I volunteered to make him some mini chocolate chip muffins. Finally at 10:00 I took the last batch out of the oven. Here is where I pat myself on the back…. The muffins probably cost less than $3-4 to make for two dozen of them. At the store easily it could have cost four times that amount for the same amount. A little effort and time can be a big money saver in the end. Today for lunch we were all home. The kids had a half day of school and my husband came home early.  I have not done a major grocery overhaul in some time, so it is pretty slim pickings around here for food. I was able to scavenge together a lunch of bacon quesadillas, sliced oranges and apples, and chili. Maybe it was not the most adventurous lunch, but it was delicious and simple. For dinner we all had our own version of a PBJ.  Since we cannot have peanut butter, we use an alternative called Wow Butter. WowButter is a soy butter with the same consistency as peanut butter. We have been using it for so long that we do not even think about it. Well, it tends to be a tad more than peanut butter on average.  A 17.6 oz jar (same size as typical Jif) costs $3.94 to $5.99 on average in stores in my town.  With our family size we can use up a jar in just a few days. We bake with it, use it for snacks, and it is a daily lunch offering around here, too. Just this past Monday I was shopping at a store in our town called Merchandise Outlet and found two four pound large jars of WowButter for $6.99 each. On top of that all food was 30% off. Bonus! I scored big on that one! Huge savings for sure. My kids were so happy. We shop this store on a regular basis. It is a store where merchandise is sold that was overstocked at other stores, returned items, close to being expired items,  and so on. The deals are great. I have to exercise caution because it would be easy to go overboard and blow the budget. We tend to shop for snack foods here, such as gum, tortilla chips, and granola bars. Just last week I bought quite a few boxes of Quaker Oats chocolate chip granola bars for .75 cents per box.  We chew a lot of gum, but a pack of gum can easily be close to $2.00. However, at Merchandise Outlet, we can pick up many different packs and sizes for .10 cents to .25 cents per pack. My daughters have purchased name brand shirts and pants for $1.00 each.  Here is a list of a few things we have gotten from this store:

  1. Winter boots for two of my children at $1.50/pair.
  2. Leggings for my five year old daughter at .50 cents/pair
  3.  6 ft tall  and 4 ft wide American Girl type dollhouse $300 regular price for $89 at Christmas on sale.
  4. 3000 piece puzzles for just a few dollars.

If you live in Michigan, I highly recommend checking out one of these stores. It is called Merchandise Outlet. There are eight locations in Michigan and they even have a website that you can buy stuff on. It is getting late and my eyelids are beginning to droop. Signing off. Good night ya’ll.  

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