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Keepers of the Home: Four Simple Steps to Establishing a Routine

As keepers of our home, we need routines. Routines need not be complicated nor confusing, but they are necessary.

If you are not a naturally organized person or find yourself overwhelmed; routines are especially important for you.

Does the thought of following a routine scare you?

Are you at a loss as to even know how to create one?

Have you tried one before and it failed?

I have created four simple steps that will help you establish a successful homemaking routine.

K.I.S.S. Method:

Keep it Simple Stupid. Keep your routine simple. You do not need to plan out every single second of your day.

Don’t over complicate your routine to the point you have so many steps to it.  Anybody would get overwhelmed with that approach. Only you know what you need to get accomplished each day.

Here is an example of my daily routines.

Post it

Write down your routine. Hang it in a visible place that you will see daily.  These visual reminders will be an encouragement to stick with the routine until it becomes a habit.


Practice it Until it Becomes a Habit

It’s been said that it takes 21 days to make a new habit.  Commit to practicing the routine for 21 days-3 weeks. Be diligent about it.

Please allow for flexibility, don’t be so rigid that you don’t allow for things to happen.

Soon your new routine will become a new practiced habit that you barely even have to think about.

Pray about it and be content

This is probably my favorite tip because it reminds me of who is really in control.  Routines are not meant to confine us, but rather define us.  With a well-thought-out routine, we have freedom in our day.  We can go about our day with a joyful anticipation of knowing what is next.  We can be content knowing that we are serving the Lord in our actions.

It is important to pray about routines. Seems simple, doesn’t it?

If we have a routine that is not working for us. Or perhaps we have absolutely no routine at all. Or maybe we just want to tweak our routine.  The key is to create a routine that works for our homes but most importantly creating a routine that glorifies God.

Is our time being spent wisely?

What do we need to get rid of within our routine that is not producing any fruit?

This is where we pray and ask for discernment in developing and implementing a routine that He wants for our lives.


Stephanie, Training Keepers of the Home

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