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Following and Trusting in Your Mama Heart

When it comes to making decisions as a mother, we are often confused because of conflicting advice that we receive.

We just want to do what is right and in our child’s best nature, that is why we reach out for advice.

On the other hand, we often receive unsolicited advice that we never wanted to hear about in the beginning.

I know I have received ‘helpful’ advice over the years that left me feeling torn and guilty because I chose another path or direction in how I took care of my child.

But one thing I have learned is to listen to my “mama’s” heart.

This often means I go against what the experts deem the best advice when making decisions that affects my only child.

I also have learned that the world does not know my child, and I have learned to follow my gut when it comes to raising my children.

Even well-meaning friends often have offered advice that is contrary to what I believe as a mother.

When it comes to making decisions over the care and provision for your children, use the God-given feelings you have already in place.

This is called discernment, it is wisdom to do what is right for your child.

My Example

Almost fourteen years ago, I was in the hospital with my two week old baby daughter.

She had stopped thriving and was losing the fight to survive. She would not breastfeed and she would not wake up. She was sleeping almost 24 hours a day. She was rapidly losing weight.

She had seen specialist after specialist. And at one point a team of doctors held a meeting in which they told us there was nothing else they could do, and they were releasing my two week old daughter from the hospital’s care.

We were told to basically take her home and let her die.

We fought and fought for her right to live and receive medical care, which ended us up in a children’s hospital. By being at the children’s hospital and getting her proper medical care, we were able to bring our daughter home after a week.

This is my baby that the medical team said to just go home with…..listen to your mama heart.

Trust Your Mama Heart

Through much prayer and praise we were able to bring our miracle baby home. Today she is surv living and thriving as a teenager.

I listened to my heart and followed the seeds of wisdom that had been planted.

Without doing so, my daughter may not be here today. She may not be alive, all because I would have chosen to avoid that feeling in my heart.

Ladies, I want to further encourage you to follow your mama’s heart with a guest post from Erin, who blogs over at Lullaby Lark.

Please join me and be encouraged as you read, Trust Your Mama Heart.

TRUST YOUR MAMA HEART by Erin, from Lullaby Lark

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