Finding Freedom in Your Role as Keeper of the Home

Am I Oppressed?

Years ago, I often felt like I did all of the work. I felt like I was unappreciated. I felt as if my husband did not understand me.
This resulted in a selfish, whiny wife that reacted from emotion and treated her husband unfairly.
My immaturity caused many problems in my marriage. I was self-centered and self-serving.
When the reality was that my husband worked his tail off to provide for our home, so that I could stay home with our five young children at that time.
He is the one who sacrificed his time and talent to provide.
He had to deal with a tough work schedule and demanding job, then to come home and deal with an unhappy wife.
What changed was that I had to realize I could not place my indentity in my husband. I was more than a wife and mother. I was a child of God.
Once I found my identity and claimed it, the attitude of my heart changed. I went from being this whiny, selfish woman to a woman that truly loved to serve her husband and family
Does this mean I am oppressed? No way!

Finding Freedom

I have found the true freedom in serving and loving my family. By accepting the role as keeper of my home, I have been able to find true freedom.
There is freedom in Christ.
There is a freedom by not living according to the pressures of the world, or being tied down by the damaging ways of feminism.
I am content. I am loved. You are loved. You were created for this very role that you are in right now.
You are not ‘less than’ or oppressed because you are a woman, wife, or mother.
There is an honor that comes with being a woman. It is such a blessing to be a wife and mother.
Ladies, be encouraged. You were created as a woman for this very role to be the keeper of your home.
You more than a mother and a wife. You are a child of the living God.
Our genetic makeup is not a mistake.
The way we think, do things, and serve our families is not a mistake.
Take comfort in knowing that the Creator of the universe made you the way you are.
Stop feeling oppressed. Seek His truths in the Word for your life regarding Biblical womanhood. Allow yourself to not be of this world and to find your identity in Christ.
“Biblical womanhood is not a check list of do’s or don’ts in order to become a more holy version of yourself. The purpose of Biblical womanhood is to become a more godly woman, which we cannot do merely by accomplishing something on a Biblical womanhood checklist.
Ladies, it is important to commit to living out the beauty of the Gospel by allowing ourselves to be transformed by His words, His grace, neverending mercies, and the Holy Spirit.”
Stephanie Malcolm

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