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Learn How to Fight Laziness and Find the Joy in Homemaking

Fight Laziness and Find the Joy in Homemaking

“How can I stay motivated?”

“I never can get anything done at home”

“Help me, get my life in order-I am so overwhelmed”

These are just a few of the questions and comments I have received on the blog or on facebook regarding how to overcome the often mundane tasks of being a stay-at-home mom.

I know that as a mom and wife that we face the same repetitive chores day in and day out.  But, is it really that bad?

Do we need to be held captive by those thoughts?

Those thinking patterns can  have a negative effect on our attitudes as the keepers of our home.

I want to show you how I have overcome the tendency to become lazy in my daily tasks and remain productive in homekeeping.

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Fight Laziness and Find the Joy in Homemaking

First of all, get MOTIVATED and stay MOTIVATED

*Write down your goals.

*Keep them aligned with the priorities for your home.  As keepers of our home, one of our priorities is to effectively manage our homes.  Are your daily goals aligned with these?

*Make sure you continue working on that atmosphere.  There will be days when you’re overcome by the daily duties of being a mom and a wife. But on days when laziness is preventing you from being productive, keep your priorities in mind.

*Write down your priorities, keep them posted and these can be a huge motivator by just having them as a visual reminder in your home.

 Stop Being an Unhappy Wife with an Unhappy Life

Secondly, give yourself an INCENTIVE to work towards

*What is your most favorite way to spend your free time?  For example, I love to read and take a bath.  So I will stay disciplined in my tasks and get ahead (if possible); and reward myself with a hot bath and a good book.

Next, learn how to STAY HOME

*This may be a tough one for many because we equate a busy schedule as a productive schedule, but that is not always the case. If you are always on the go and your home is falling apart, then it is not a good thing.

*Learn how to say NO to things that zap your time and energy, leading you away from your priorities.  Remember the list of your priorities?

If you have a prioirity of having a clean home, but your schedule is filled with kids sports, church activities, playgroup, and hosting a myriad of other activities–maybe it is time to step down from a few.

*Learn how to be content at home and not always having to be on the go. It may be that being on the go is zapping your precious energy, leaving you so exhausted, that you find it difficult to accomplish anything.

Make Sure to Follow a Routine

*There is no better way to be successful at achieving your goals, then by following a routine.
*If you know to expect it is easy to work without thinking.  Put on an inspirational podcast or listen to some great worship music as you are working.

Change Up Your ROUTINE

This advice may seem to contradict what I just said above, but if you are absolutely STUCK in your routine, this may help you.

When you feel as you are overcome with laziness, STOP and change what you are doing.  There are times when I just do not feel like cleaning, so I will grab my children and go for a walk.  Or I will pick up the phone to call a friend for a few minutes.

Often just by taking a 20 minute change of pace will spice up my routine and completely change outlook, and I find that I can return to working without any problem.

And I usually have a lot more joy in my heart after doing something meaningful.

*A little warning here, because too much of anything can wreak havoc in your routine and prevent you from accomplishing anything, and could potentially just extend your laziness.

Realize the “Why” Behind Your WORK (and the SOURCE of our Motivation)

*We don’t clean to have a showcase-worthy home, and be a Pinterest perfect mom. 

The main goal here is to glorify the Lord through all that we do as the keepers of our home.  It is important to look past all of the work we do, especially when we do the same work day in and day out.

It has been said that we need to ‘keep our eyes on the prize’ in our daily grind.  This work, these tasks, and how we serve our family is a ministry.

Homemaking is a ministry!  Isn’t that such a delightful thought?

We are doing God’s work.  As women we were heavenly created and spiritually made to our work.

We can find joy in the mundane, calm in the chaos, and glory in the ordinary.

This ministry, our homemaking positions, and our role in Biblical womanhood is a glorified position.  When we lose sight of that focus, it is easy to become overwhelmed and lazy.

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Go Easy on Yourself and RELAX and Give Yourself Some GRACE

As I enter menopause, my hormones are often out of whack and they have a direct effect on my daily life.

I also fight general body inflammation and arthritis.  All of these combined make it difficult to function at times.

During these times, when I just don’t feel like working, I have to go easy on myself.

Just by having grace for myself, allows me to get the rest that I need.

Ladies, make sure you give yourself some GRACE.

A lack of grace, leads to guilt.

Guilt is non-productive. It will lead you down the path of destruction, chaos, and lack of complete motivation.

*Rule out any underlying physical symptoms that you be dealing with.

*Seek a healthy lifestyle

*Make sure you are not dealing with depression. At times you may not realize but you may be fighting depression.

Signs of depression often are confused with laziness, sadness, or physical pain. If these appear to be chronic or constant; perhaps consider seeing a physician to get a proper diagnosis.

Choose Your Battles

*There are times that some things just don’t matter.  Some tasks drive us so crazy and into such desperate measures and lead us into attempting perfection.  STOP–this is a cause of burnout.

*If you can live without a few things being done, allow your children to do them-for example- and you can that task right off of your plate.  I really do not like pairing socks, so I keep all mismatched socks in laundry baskets. My children must find their own.  Eight pairs of sock X 7 days per week = You do the math!

~~~You may struggle with having to prepare meals all of the time. An option would be to consider a meal delivery service, where you would only have to cook and prepare the food.  If this would make your life easier, than go for it.

However, there is a fine line here in going either way. It would be easy for the pefectionist to become overly obsessed with completing each detail.

And it would be easy for the unmotivated person to let all tasks go and not accomplish anything.

Be renewed by the Word

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

Romans 12:2


Ladies, as homemakers we must strive to overcome laziness.

It is about striking a healthy balance that does not compromise our morals, take away from our priorities, or upset our family. 

There is no greater calling in life than to be the keeper of our home.  What a blessing we can be to our families, friends, church, and community when we can strike that balance and learn to serve in a healthy way.

Be Blessed,

Stephanie, Training Keeper of the Home

3 thoughts on “Learn How to Fight Laziness and Find the Joy in Homemaking

  1. Motivation is everything when it comes to homemaking. When it’s done out of loving obedience there can be great joy in a well-prepared meal and a clean, organized home. I know I fall far short, but that’s where God’s grace comes in and understanding that this isn’t about earning God’s favor, but about loving our families and serving God well.

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