Fidget Spinners: The Latest Fad

fidget-spinner-2412989_1920-1024x614 Fidget Spinners: The Latest Fad

With fidget spinners being all the rage these days and seeing how everybody “needs” one, what is something that you need a tool for, but is not invented? Not technology related, but an actual gadget you wish that was invented? Perhaps, you have said, “I wish somebody would invent……” to make my life easier…”or why hasn’t ________ been invented yet?”

What tool has not been invented yet that would make your life easier?  A tool for anything such as in the garage, house, car, school, traveling, or for your children?

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6 thoughts on “Fidget Spinners: The Latest Fad

  1. I remember when the fidget spinners were pretty scarce. All the kids wanted them. Now they are everywhere. Even my local Kroger sells fidget spinners. The kids are now losing interest in fidget spinners. I hear there is the fidget cube. I haven’t seen those. Personally, I think they are a just a fad toy rather than a helpful tool.
    I would like is an invention that would keep kids totally safe online. Although there are so many safety tools for parents, a device that can track internet predators and bullies would be nice. They can be reported to the authorities.

    1. Ha ha, wouldn’t that be great! As our robot is in the kitchen making a meal, we could be playing with our children.

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