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False Teachers, Doctrines, and Religions

False Doctrines and False Prophets and False Religions

When it comes to teaching, learning, or speaking Biblical truths how careful are you?

This very topic of false doctrines and teachers is very dear to my heart. To see so many others deceived into thinking and believing what the Gospel is not; is heartbreaking.

I am sure you have heard the phrase ‘garbage in garbage out’ pertaining to various forms of media, but have you thought about it pertaining to Christian television preachers, Bible studies, devotionals, and other Christian materials?

Just because something is labeled Christian or is in the Christian genre section, does not mean it is based upon the truth.


There are many false prophets about there such as Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Benny Hin, Kenneth Copeland, Beth Moore, Pat Roberson, Creflo Dollar, and Joseph Prince just to name a few.

Books such as The Shack, The Secret, and Jesus Calling (Devotional) would fall under the false teaching category as well.

False religions such as Mormonism and Jehovah Witnesses also exist.

Many preachers (both on and off television) teaching a very popular concept called the “Prosperity Gospel“, otherwise known as the ‘name it and claim it gospel’ are very prominent in Christian circles these days.

The basic premise of these false gospels is the ‘you can speak it into existence and make it become a reality’ on almost any topic. Or that God wants us all to be rich and healthy.

Joel Osteen has a book called, Your Best Life Now, and in it he claims that “God wants to give you your own house. God has a big dream for your life” (pg. 35).

He goes on to say that the key to realizing that big dream is to follow his seven steps to living up to your full potential.

To date over 5 million copies of Osteen’s book has been sold. This is a sobering thought because so many people are being deceived into thinking that they can have the world at their hands by ‘claiming it in Jesus’ name‘.

false teachers


However, the gospel is not about collaborating with God to make yourself successful.

It is not about obtaining more belongings and becoming prosperous.

It is about God forgiving people for their sin through the death of his Son, bringing them to life from the spiritual dead, and conforming them to the image of Jesus Christ.

The Gospel is sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with others.

Ladies, be please informed about what you read, listen to, or fill your mind with. It does matter. If we fill our hearts and minds with trash, we will spew forth trash. (Luke 6:45)

This is not meant to condemn you, instead to encourage you to see the truth, speak the truth, and learn the truth. This is called the voice of discernment as you seek wisdom.


Stephanie Malcolm, Training Keepers of the Home

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