Faith, family, and frugality

Where the writing begins.

Simple. Easy. Real. Honest.

I have a lot to say. Maybe nobody wants to hear it. However, here are a few random facts about me.

  1. I am Jesus’ girl. First and foremost in everything.
  2. I love to write and been keeping a journal and/or writing since I was thirteen years old.
  3. I keep a journal for each of my seven children and hope somebody they can see how much I loved and prayed for them; along with some funny stories and sad times as well.
  4. In my past life I used to run and enjoyed it, these days I prefer to walk with my children. I do have a secret goal of becoming a runner again some day though.
  5. I am in charge of the nursery at our church that we attend.
  6. I would love to homeschool my children.
  7. At one time I wanted to be a forensic entomologist, instead I became a biology teacher and taught middle school for nearly ten years before staying home with my children.
  8.  My husband and I have been married for over seventeen years. I am amazed how quickly it has gone.
  9. Pizza, salad, yogurt, and fruit are foods I could eat daily. However, I have a terrible sweet tooth with a serious addiction to carbs (I foresee another topic for a blog)
  10. My first car was 1985 Pontiac Fiero GT. It was black, sporty, and fast.  I loved that car!  I think my husband dislikes the fact I no longer own it, maybe some day, I think that is why he married me.
  11. Being frugal is extremely important to me, not just because of necessity but it is part of who I am.
  12. My husband and my children (besides my faith) are the most important things to me.
  13. I am blessed.

3 thoughts on “Faith, family, and frugality

  1. “Being frugal is extremely important to me, not just because of necessity but it is part of who I am.”
    There alot more things about frugality that could make better lives in the world. Frugality is equally very important to me

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