In the Eye of a Storm, Whom Do You Trust?

 eye of a storm, trust

Let Me Sleep

Confession time: I love sleep. And last night, I was so excited to be able to be in bed by 9:40!

All of my chores were done, the kids were in bed, and I was heading to bed.  I was really, really looking forward to sleeping and waking up refreshed.  However, that was not the case.

Usually if I woken up in the middle of the night, I take advantage of that opportunity to be able to pray. I pray for whatever may be on my mind or on my heart. Sometimes I wonder if the Lord is prompting me awake. Last night may have been one of them.

My Night

9:40:  in bed and falling asleep.

11:10:  I woke up to my three year old yelling and thrashing around. I heard this through the baby monitor. Our house is large and I use a monitor hear the kids in the upstairs wing.  After quieting the three year old, whom I figured had been dreaming and talking in her sleep; her seven year old sister woke up and wanted to talk.  I convinced her that it was not time to wake up and she went back to bed.

12:45: Husband comes to bed. I wake up.

1:00: I woke up and used the bathroom.

1:10:  I am still awake. I sit on the couch.  I doze on and off.


Somewhere around 2:00 or 3:00 I hear the rain and thunder rolling through. I am back in bed at this point. Tossing and turning. Praying. Tossing and turning some more.

3:10: Oh wait, time to get up and use the bathroom again.

3:30:  I look at clock , turn over, and try to fall asleep again. Pray some more.  Why am I awake?

3:45: After trying to avoid looking at the clock, I give in and see that only fifteen minutes has passed.

3:55:  The three year old is yelling my name again.  Upstairs I go again.


4:00:  I want to sleep. I pray, “Lord, can I sleep or should I get up?” A mosquito starts buzzing my ear, it won’t leave me alone.  “Lord, what are you trying to tell me?”, I think , as I pull the covers over my head. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.  It found a way in yet again.  By now I am laughing to myself at the irony of the situation. Or wasn’t it irony?

4:10: My heart is saying “get up”, but my body is saying “go to sleep woman, or you will be tired”.  I try going to sleep once more.  Five minutes later my husband starts snoring. I poke and prod him. He stops for a nanosecond and starts back up again. I roll him over. He snores louder. I ask him to stop. He responds by snoring even LOUDER!

4:15: I am awake, out of bed,  and in the kitchen. I pack lunches, clean the kitchen, and start a load of a laundry.  By now I am not even questioning the fact as to why I am still awake.

4:40:  I am hungry, like really hungry. I eat a Hot Pocket and drink a Diet Pepsi. Not exactly a healthy breakfast, but after being awake for almost four hours, I wanted a meal. Quickly.

5:05: With morning chores done, I take advantage of the time to ready my Bible. Today I read Psalm 18.  This Psalm takes me a long time to get through. Not because it is a difficult read, but because it resonates with my heart.

Tower of Strength, Eye of the Storm

The first verse, “I love you, Lord, my strength,” is one of my favorites. Oh, what a powerful statement!

It speaks of love of the deepest kind. The kind of love that a wife or husband may have for each other. Or the love you may have for a child.

Also in the first verse are the words, “My strength.”  The Lord is our Rock; an infallible tower of strength, forever dependable, and trustworthy.

I needed the reminder this morning that the Lord is my tower of strength, my refuge in times of trouble, and my shelter when I need protection.

When David sang, “I love you, Lord, my strength” in Psalm 18:1, it was because he was delivered from his enemies. David loved the Lord and was grateful for His mercy on his life.  With his whole heart and soul David deeply loved the Lord and trusted him as he called out in times of distress. David prayed often with the Lord and he knew the Lord heard him.

I also needed the reminder this morning that the Lord loves me and hears my prayers, too.

God does not change. He is there for us to call upon in times of distress or great joy.  Those that love the Lord, may triumph and boast in Him as their Rock and Refuge.  He will be our shelter in the eye of a storm.

With great confidence we may call upon Him. He hears your prayers. He loves you. He cares.  Please know that, or be reminded of that fact, the Lord is and will be your tower of strength in times of trouble. No matter how deep the waters are or how stormy life is, He does not change.

Cling to Him and His promises.






2 thoughts on “In the Eye of a Storm, Whom Do You Trust?

  1. Oh, my… I’m so sorry you are having trouble sleeping!! I will pray for rest for you when I post this comment. Thank you for this beautiful post, written dedpite your exhaustion! It is a beautiful reminder of God’s love! Hugs!

    1. Thankfully, I have been able to be on the move today and had not had the need to rest. I am sure that time is coming soon 🙂

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