Enjoy Your Children-Even in Life’s Crazy Moments

Back in the day one of my favorite songs was “Welcome to the Jungle” by GUNS N’ ROSES. The song was playing in my head this morning as I was laughing about the start of my day. 4:20 am.: My dear husband’s alarm goes off for work. 4:40: He puts on his Carhartt jumpsuit to go load the wood burner.

As I am making the bed, my husband by now is back in the bedroom from filling our wood burner and fills me on a potential dilemma involving our wood burner.  I am doing my best to not stumble over laundry sitting on the bedroom floor, make the bed, and comprehend what the man is saying to me-all the while this bright light, wait, no a SPOTLIGHT in my bedroom is illuminating the path before me.

Husband: Steph, I am a little concerned. The thermostat is stuck. And it is not shutting off.”

Me: Um, ok. Can you shut it off?”

Husband: “Don’t you know anything about a thermostat works?”

Me: “No” (But what I am really thinking is, if it is hot the number goes higher and if it is cold the number goes lower. Really, why do I need to know this??

At that my point my husband proceeds to give me a full explanation on how a thermostat works and the rate of thermal expansion related to bimetals.

Husband: “Steph, do you understand this?”

Me: “I am listening”

Husband: “My wife cannot grasp the concept of thermal expansion at 5:00 in the morning. Are you with it?”

Me: “I am listening, but I  am not all with it today.”

Husband: “Do you know how a mercury thermometer works?”

Me (thinking, “here we go again”)” No”

As my husband proceeds to give me a full explanation of how mercury switches work in comparison to thermal expansion, I heard him say ” I really love how this all works…”

Me: “What do you want me to do today about it?”

Husband: “Keep an eye on it.”

Though typically a morning person, today was a struggle.

However, a conversation at five in the morning on thermal expansion and mercury switches?  Even a conversation with my husband, it was just too much.

As my husband leaves for work  I am fumbling around the kitchen putting away clean dishes. I started the morning load of laundry. I made myself a cup of tea and grab a serving of oat cereal to eat.

A little while later after the tea from the caffeine began to diffuse into my soul and wake me up, I realized the humor of the situation. Thermal what? Mercury, isn’t that the stuff that kids shouldn’t eat? Don’t you turn a thermostat up or down, simple, right?

As I went in to wake up all six children life began to show me how funny it was this morning. There is always something new at our house, always something pressing to do or prepare for.

Today on the agenda was a band field trip, nerd day at school, and Bible study tonight. In the midst of getting the children out of bed, one child is unsure if he wants to go to school. He gets no choice in the matter.

Another child is wondering if suspenders and a tie go together for nerd day.

The seven-year-old is not moving fast enough this morning and needs to be a reminder to MOVE!

Meanwhile, I have homemade banana muffins ready for the children and bacon is cooking for breakfast.  Banana muffins, bacon, and orange juice for breakfast. Not sure if that qualifies as healthy.

The five-year-old refuses to put her underwear on until I tell her that she won’t be eating breakfast if she is not down to the kitchen soon.

Then the baby, the two-year-old, is having none of this. She wants to stay in her “I love Daddy” pj’s for the day. Not happening. Trying to change a two-year-old who does not want to change is like wrestling a greased pig.

“Mommy, no dress. Me want my pj’s on”

I finally get her dressed, convinced her she does not need six stuffed animals and a blanket to join us, and got her hauled off to the kitchen. The two-year-old is still not having any of it and was ready to share it all of us.

“Mommy, I want dolphin and cow to watch me eat my food”

Food in bellies. Happier children.

The morning continues….

“Where’s my shoes?”

“Did you pack me a snack?”

“Stop hitting me with your toothbrush”

“Do I look nerdy enough?”

“Mom, she called me a nerd”

“I have to be at school now Mom” (we still have 45 minutes, with a seven-minute drive)

“I need new shoes right now”

Every day our goal is to be in the vehicle by 7:45, buckled, and ready to go. Today we made it at 7:44. Game on…

By the time I dropped off all kids and returned home at 8:11, I felt like I had shepherded 100 cats into the bathtub. Yet my day at just has begun.

At this point, my five year old says “Mommy, I love spending time with you”

What part of me does she like spending time with? Looking in the mirror I see a mom whose ponytail is falling out and has tired eyes. My 5K t-shirt from a race I did last year, even though clean, is a reminder I need to workout. Now, where do I squeeze that into my day?

However, soon I am playing a game with the two remaining littles complete with binoculars and cowboy boots; and I have the alias Hunter Mommy. We are hunting lions and putting cows to sleep. I never did figure out the objective of the game. Soon they’re onto playing something else.

Nonetheless, I am enjoying these moments. Knowing I have a house of chores to do before Bible study tonight. Instead, I will embrace this crazy life as I know it.

Welcome to my jungle…..

Ecclesiastes 8:15 So I commend the enjoyment of life, because there is nothing better for a person under the sun than to eat and drink and be glad. Then joy will accompany them in their toil all the days of the life God has given them under the sun.

Enjoy your children. They will only be little for a while. Whether you live in a jungle, zoo, or feel like you have joined the circus; know that it is not going to be forever.

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