Encouragement for Wives and Marriage

If you are about to get married, newly married, or been married a while there are ways you can learn how to truly love your husband. We are called to love our husbands. We are called to respect, honor, and obey our husbands.

As a young wife I wish I knew how key of a role Scripture should have played in my marriage to my husband. Instead of harboring bitterness and anger many times, I could have learned the power of forgiveness.

Instead of defending myself because “I ought to be heard and my opinion matters, too,” I should have learned the power of choosing my battles and letting things go. However, instead of letting things go, I let things grow and fester.

Slowly over time I became a nag, unfeminine in my actions in weak moments, and many times I allowed pride to take over my heart.

I became unkind, resentful, and at times felt hopeless. I felt hopeless because my husband “would just not change” into the husband I needed him to be.

However, I have learned so much and am so thankful for the loving endless grace of the Lord because I was given many opportunities to change, repent, and grow as a wife.

Instead of me trying to change my husband into what I needed. I learned how to love him the way he was created.  I am not saying he is perfect, because we all have tendencies to sin and give into the flesh. However, I have learned to love him the way he is. Most importantly, I have learned to use Scripture as my guidebook for how to love my husband and my role as a wife in marriage.

You can learn to love, honor, and respect your husband the way we are advised in the Bible.  Scripture provides many opportunities for husbands and wives for instructions on marriage.  The confines of the blog do not permit me to list every single verse related to marriage and love, the following five are a good start for wives to meditate on pray about.

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