Embracing the Sweet Authority of God and His Word as Women

My husband walked into work smiling yesterday morning and he was asked ‘why was he so happy’ to be at work.

Two of the men began questioning him on his routine to which he replied, “I wake up and take a shower. My wife makes my lunch and gets my clothes ready for the day.”

The men could not believe that any wife would do this, let alone on a regular basis.

Now I post this not to be prideful, but because of frustration.

The frustration that feminism has such deep roots in our society that in a situation when wife who chooses to joyfully serve her husband is looked at odd or outdated.

While the world pushes women to ‘fight for their rights’ this causes an attitude of self-entitlement to seep into our hearts.

We have already been created equal in the sight of God and been given the Holy Spirit to reside in us. We do not need to fight for rights, allowing the roots of bitterness to destroy what is beautiful.

It is beautiful to see a woman embrace the sweet authority of God and His Word when she lovingly serves her husband and children.

She does this by cooking, cleaning, homeschooling, managing the home, praying over each member of her family, and serving in all areas of life.

As a Biblical woman embraces the sweet authority of God and His Word. she builds her life on Biblical truths and not the shifting sands of society and culture.

Ladies, allow me to encourage you to serve your families and not be swayed or influenced by society.

Choose to serve in love at all times in your role as wife, mother, friend, sister, and daughter of the living King.

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