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How to spend quality time with your child

Short on time and money, but looking for ways to spend quality time with your child? Need to bond but don’t want to break the bank?

  1. Take a long walk. Use the time to talk. No phones. No electronics. Walk side by side with your child. See here for ideas  on how to engage your child in conversation.
  2. Book club: Read the same book. Discuss the book once a week.
  3. Camp out. Have a camp out at home. Outside in a tent or inside in a fort or on the floor. Use that time to reconnect. Make some memories. Make s’mores in the microwave. Leave the lights off.
  4. Borrow a DVD from the library of a old favorite. Make popcorn and cuddle together while watching the movie.
  5. Special treatment. Allow one child to stay up past bedtime to spend time with one or both parents. My parents used to put me to bed at the same time as my brother, then every once in a while, wake me up to spend time with them. It made me feel pretty special as a child.
  6. Get crafty. Make something out of what you have at home. Use only what you have at home as far as materials.
  7. Do a Bible study. My oldest two girls and I are doing a ten day ‘tween girl study at the moment. We do it after all the other children have gone to bed. They feel special for staying up and hanging out with Mom. We also have some great discussions without interruptions when all the littles are tucked in bed.
  8. Work on a puzzle. I have to admit that my husband does this better than I do.
  9. Dance party. Choose some crazy music. Crank up the tunes. Get crazy. I have done this many times before and always hope neighbors do not see me. My kids love it!
  10. Sit. Eat. This is my children’s all time fave! My family loves the front porch. We can sit for a long periods of time. My children personally love hot days in the shade with popsicles.  It is a sad day when we are out of popsicles in the summer time. Best conversations ever.

However you choose to spend time with your child that is what is important. It does not have to cost money. Just the fact you want to spend time together speaks volumes about what you think of your child.  We go on hikes and pack a picnic. We sit around the table and color pages. We often go for family drives. We head to a local lake just three miles from our house.  We will head to the local park and play. We play many board games or card games. We will head to our local McDonald’s and do fifty cent ice cream cones in the summer time as a family. I can only hope that my children will remember the times we chose to spend with them as parents. What about you, how do you choose to spend time with your children?  

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