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Does the Coronavirus Have You Feeling Stuck? 15 Ways to Incorporate Some Fun into Your Routine

Does the Coronavirus Have You Feeling Stuck In Your Routine?

I will admit that I like having the same routine. I thrive with a consistent routine.

However, my children have been feeling blah about this whole social distancing and shelter-in-place stuff with us not being able to go to the library, to youth group, or attend church. And I noticed that it has begun to affect them negatively by impacting their schooling and overall attitudes.

Something needed to be done in order to reel them back in, so I changed up our routine by having a ‘mixed-up’ morning.

Instead of beginning right away with schooling, we began the day with a fun movie, complete with candy and snacks.

This change in our routine was just what we needed. It offered my children a break from the norm. It allowed them to relax and escape the worries of the world for a few hours. It helped prevent the boredom that sets in when a routine becomes too normal, offering no room for flexibility.

If you are like me and thrive with a routine or if you are feeling stuck at home, there are ways to incorporate some fun into your routine. It is good to change things up because it helps prevent boredom and allows for creativity to flourish.

Here are 15 fun ideas to incorporate some fun into your routine.

1. Have a pajama day and watch movies all day. Skip the schooling and just hang out as a family.

2. Do a live Facebook video or TikTok video for friends and family; where your family is reading Scripture, singing worship songs, reading books, or telling silly jokes.

3. Have a themed day or spirit week, where each day is something different. Dress as your favorite team day, a backward day where you do everything backward or wear your clothes backward, or what about a silent day-where you are not allowed to talk or see who can go the longest without talking while carrying on as normal?

4. Change up roles. Have your children be responsible for doing your chores and you do their chores.

5. Learn something new as a family. A new language, cook a new recipe or try some YouTube videos to learn a new craft.

6. Begin the day with a Bible reading and devotion. Then pray together as a family before you go your separate ways.

7. With all of these great freebies and resources, stream a live video from a zoo. Encourage your children to gather all of their stuffed animals and watch it together as a family. Talk about what you see and what you have learned.

8. Make your home into a gymnasium and host a gymnastics competition. Tape off areas for tumbling, set up a balance beam, take the cushions off of the couch for flips or jumping over, or teach your children how to do a handstand or somersault. The point is to be creative, have fun, and be active as a family.

9. Do a search for fun science experiments. Sure it may be messy, but why not learn something and have fun at the same time?

10. Take a virtual class as a family. Or start a book club. Each night you can discuss what you have read.

11. Or do a read-aloud as a family. My family is currently reading Little House on the Prairie. Every night one of us reads aloud right before bedtime.

12. Go for a walk as a family. Have a dance competition. Or have physical challenges where you encourage each other to compete a certain physical challenge. My kids love it when we do this. One of us will challenge the others to do 20 push-ups or plank for 2 minutes, or we will see who can hop on one foot the longest or jog in place the longest.

13. Plant something, all you need is a container, potting soil, and seeds. And with planting season right around the corner, what a great time to begin a garden.

14. If you live in a sunny area, make a solar oven out of a pizza box, saran wrap and aluminum foil, a fun way to learn about the star’s superpower while making a unique lunch.

15. Perhaps, you are really enjoying homeschooling and having a routine. If so, it is not too late to consider homeschooling as a family. You can check out the HSLDA for more information on homeschooling in your own state.

Check out these great activities, that can be done as a family.

Are you short on time and money? Try these activities.

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