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Or do you have a spirit of anger in your soul?

It takes more energy to be angry than it does kind. You cannot hide anger for very long. The more you suppress it, the more it will bubble to the surface later on.


I heard a sermon last week where the preacher talked about a young child who wanted to impress his daddy by washing the family car, so the child got a bucket of warm soapy water and all the materials needed for doing the task.

When his daddy found him, the young child was using steel wool to wash the car.

Now stop right there, what is your initial reaction?

How would you react if this had been your child?

This father choose to react with kindness, even though the car’s finish was ruined.

That child learned a valuable lesson that day about kindness and forgiveness. (and probably what not to wash a car with as well).

Do-YouHave-AnAnger-Problem_-683x1024 DO YOU STRUGGLE WITH ANGER?


However, one must ask themselves what is more important the car? Or the child’s heart?

Hopefully, the obvious answer is the child’s heart. Because years from the now that car is going to be sitting in a junkyard rusting away.

Yet the angry spirit of a parent is with a child forever and for possibly generations to come.

Ladies, if this is you and you are dealing with an angry spirit, there needs to be a change.

Your child’s heart is the most precious thing in the world. There are no messes, no mistakes, or attitudes worth damaging their hearts by overreacting in anger.


Are you that mom that gets angry when your child disobeys?

Do you snap at them to get their chores done?

What is your go-to reaction when your child makes a mistake, makes a mess, lies, steals, direspects you, or disobeys?


We all get angry. Yet anger usually results in sin because it involves our pride.

Please be encouraged if this is you. Our Lord is a forgiving God. He places before us that light in the form of mercy and grace.

We can choose to have a teachable mentality or a stubborn one.

We can choose to have the fruits of the Spirit.

Or we can deny them.


However, one day we will be responsible and held accountable for our actions as mothers and wives. Because of free will, you must choose what you will do, how you react, and how you treat others. God is not going to wave a magic wand and fix everything or make you act the way He desires.

If you are struggling with an angry spirit and the effects of it within your family. It is time for a change.

It won’t happen overnight.

Yet, forgiveness is immediate. Go to your child and seek their forgiveness. Tell them you were wrong. Tell them that you never meant to break their heart. The heart of a child is still soft enough to forgive.

Teens are a little more hardened and may give you attitudue. Yet they are still your child. Seek your teen’s forgiveness. Don’t be dismayed if they reject you. Keep being kind. Keep seeking forgiveness. All things are possible. Change can occur. Pray for the Lord to soften your child’s heart if anger is a problem that has permeated your home for years.


The power of forgiveness and the transforming blood of Jesus Christ are enough.

Be humbled.

Be teachable.

Be hopeful.

The change may have to begin with you. The spirit of anger can affect generations to come. You can be the one to break the cycle.  Stand strong mama!

And love those precious ones in your life. You only pass through this life but once. Make it a good one.

Kill them with kindness.

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