Do You Celebrate Birthdays in Heaven?

Do You Celebrate Birthdays in Heaven?

I can still remember the minute that you were born, even though it was six years ago.

It is amazing how quickly time passes, but yet can still seem like yesterday.

Today is your birthday, David, and just as any six year old boy would love to be able to celebrate his birthday; I can imagine that you would have bounded into my bedroom this morning proclaiming “its my birthday Mommy”….just as your siblings have done.

Instead, I found myself standing at your graveside this morning just as the sun was rising. The ground was wet with a late April frost. The dead grass crunched below my feet as I walked to your graveside.

There was no ‘its my birthday’ greeting from you, it was just me wishing you a happy birthday alone amid the resounding silence of the cemetery.

David, my precious son, you are always in my heart and never far from my thoughts.

It is hard not to feel your absence when I look at your siblings and see the physical gap where you should be standing,

I feel your absence when I hear your brother lamenting how he wishes he had a brother.

Because he misses having male companionship by being the only boy among five his sisters.

You are Missed

Your siblings talk of you often.

A certain song will bring on the memories as the tears fall.

We imagine what you would be like, what you would like to do, or how you would act.

Your absence is felt while your presence is missed.

During these past six years our family has been through a lot since your death. We have experienced much loss, but yet our grief does not define us.

For we have established our hope in the Lord. Our peace, joy, and strength come from the Lord.

We all wonder, do they celebrate birthdays in heaven?

Until we meet again, my precious son…Happy Birthday.

Love Mommy

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