How to Deep Clean a Bedroom

Does your bedroom or master bedroom make you shudder and shut the door?

Are you overwhelmed when you think about cleaning it?

Many of us never give a second thought to our bedrooms until it is too late.  Little by little the effects of ignoring the room pile up. The laundry, the little doohickey that has no home, paperwork, empty water glasses, outgrown clothes, and books can take over a room in no time.

And not only do most of us ignore our bedrooms until its too late, we also end up not even attempting to clean them. This makes us not even want to attempt to clean because we don’t even know where to begin.

However, while it may be a task we would rather ignore; it needs it be done and I am going to show you in three easy steps.


  1.  First thing to do is prepare.  You will need garbage bags, gloves (if the room is bad), and perhaps a cardboard box or two, a few storage totes.
  2.  Secondly take the time to go through each and every single thing. Determine what is garbage and determine what is not. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you look around trying to figure out what you are keeping or not.  *When is the last time I used this    *Does this even fit me?     *Why do I have this?       *Is this even important to me?
  3. Place all of the items that are trash in the garbage bag and remove from the room.
  4. If you have items that you are not keeping but that are not trash, place them in a container that you can take to a thrift store.  Donating items are better than filling up landfill space.


  1. Gather your tools.  You should have at least a broom, dust pan, duster, cleaning rags, spray bottle of cleaning product, glass cleaner, squeegee, and vacuum.
  2. Here is a list of the cleaning products that I have on hand at all times.
  3. First dust all surfaces from top to bottom.  Allow the dust, dirt, and debri to fall to the ground.  You will vacuum that up at the end.
  4. Once you have wiped down every surface in the room, then you will begin the cleaning.  Depending on the surface make sure that the product you are using is compatible with it. A safe bet is vinegar and water, essential oils, glass cleaner, rubbing alcohol, or some safe commercial cleaners.  This is where you take the time to wipe or scrub each surface, using the cleaning product and the cleaning rags.  *Once the rag is wet, it is time for a new one.
  5. Take the time to wash the windows, walls, and carpet.
  6. Vacuum the entire room, from corner to corner, and everywhere in between.


This is your final step. Now you need to take stock of the items that you have decided to keep.  And you must decide where you are going to put them.  Once you put them back in place or in their new spot in the room, take a moment and decide to always put them back after each use.  This will save you tons of time and energy in the long run

You’re done!  You did it!  I know this is a rather simplified version of how to clean a bedroom, but it is really that simple.  Cleaning and organizing do not have to be overwhelming.  By        following a routine and keeping a schedule, you may find that your room stays neat most of the time.


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3 thoughts on “How to Deep Clean a Bedroom

  1. Thank you for these practical ideas on cleaning a bedroom. I feel like my bedroom quickly becomes a dumping ground for all miscellaneous things. These steps will help me tackle my bedroom once and for all!

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