Debt and a Frugal Mindset

The average American family has credit card debt of just over $16,000 and total overall debt of $132,000.

What? That is crazy!

debt and the frugal mindset

I hate debt. We have no credit cards. We quit using them years ago.  We have no student loans either.  We do have a mortgage and I cannot wait until the day it is paid off.

Having a frugal mindset when applying it towards debt is crucial for learning how to effectively manage your money, before it manages you.

As a family of eight and six of them being children twelve and under, it is important that we maintain a tight budget and be frugal. At the start of the new month and year, I decided to challenge myself and see where I could be more frugal. It is going to be challenging because we have already eliminated so many extras years ago and go without so many other things.

However, I am up for the challenge.  We do not have a smart phone, but a basic cell phone with prepaid minutes. We do not drive new vehicles at all. We do not buy clothes brand new.

We rarely eat out. Vacations are not something we usually go on.  Our children understand the word “no” when it comes to many things.  We eat homemade food and have learned many tips over the years to help us maintain this frugal lifestyle.

However, I am going to challenge myself to cut down on our grocery budget, the utility bills, and any other area I can.  Are you up for the challenge with me? If you have any tips please leave them in the comments for other readers to learn from.


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