Daring to Hope, Finding God’s Goodness in the Broken and the Beautiful, Book Review

As an author and blogger I often get opportunities that are too good to pass over. Recently I had the opportunity to become part of the launch team for Katie Davis Majors new book, “Daring to Hope.”  Katie authored the book, “Katie’s Kisses,” about her life and mission’s work in Uganda. Katie was an eighteen year old homecoming queen and class president. Instead of  this beauty queen heading to college she instead committed herself to a one year teaching contract in Uganda. By the end of her first year she knew what her calling in life was and ended up staying in Uganda.

The follow up book, “Daring to Hope“, by Katie Davis Majors is a continuation of her story.  Through Katie’s words you fall in love with her and her fourteen precious children and husband, Benji, thirteen of them through the process of adoption.

Katie is surrounded daily by addiction, desperation, and disease in Uganda.  Despite facing overwhelming adversity and tough living conditions,  Katie sought to embrace this life God has chosen for her to live and make changes. Katie founded Amazima Ministries which has a goal that every person they serve would know Christ and make Him known, resulting in transformed lives, restored relationships, and changed communities.

As you weave your way through her book, “Daring to Hope“, you are reminded of God’s love for you, even in facing the greatest trials and tribulations of your life.  You will discover that God loves us no matter what.   You will be refreshed by the fact that we can rest in His ultimate goodness.  The reminders of God’s ways not being our ways are woven like a tapestry throughout the book. Katie lost one of her adopted daughters to the girl’s own biological mother. And the struggle with the grief that ensued was an opportunity for Katie to cling to her faith. We are able to see through her story how new life springs forth from God’s great grace. Like a rainbow at the end of the storm, His mercies are always there.

Personal reflection

As I was reading about the loss of her precious daughter, I could not help but be reminded of the loss of my own son. (You can read his story here: Appreciating GriefLetter to My Son, and My Son, David Cooper). I was able to see my story paralleled with Katie’s as she walked those dark days following the removal of her daughter.  I, too, remember those days when my faith was all I had to cling to. The same faith we all can have, the faith in our Savior, and through His redemption we are saved.  Being a Christian does not prevent us from undergoing through tough times. We cannot be on that mountain top all of the time. We are allowed to go through those tough times because they prepare us through our trust in the Lord that His goodness will prevail.

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