How to Clean a Bathroom (and keep it clean)


I am guessing that most of us have access to a bathroom in our own homes.  These bathrooms offer us a place to take showers or baths, relieve ourselves of bodily fluids, and do a multitude of other personal hygienic tasks.

Whether you have one bathroom or eight bathrooms , cleaning a bathroom is a must do task.  If avoided, it only gets worse.

When you have multiple people using the bathroom for various personal reasons, it does not take long for an unsanitary situation to arise. Let’s not even talk about the smell, germs, and other things that make a dirty bathroom disgusting.


As women we are the managers of our home. One of the main responsibilities of a keeper of the home is to maintain a clean home. Some say that cleanliness is next to Godliness. However, cleanliness is not next to godliness.  But maintaining a regularly safe, healthy, and welcoming home environment is.

By being disciplined enough to keep our homes clean and organized sends the message to our beloved husband and children that we love them.  Of course, we must not spend all of our time cleaning, but we must spend some time cleaning.

So cleaning a bathroom may not rank highly on your priority list, but regardless it needs to get done. Who among us needs a little motivation and guidance?



Today I am going to teach you how to clean a bathroom, and keep it clean. Once you have mastered the basics of bathroom cleaning, it is simply a matter of keeping up on it on a regular basis.

Gather Tools

In the bathroom, you will be using some different tools and cleaning supplies than from other parts of the house.  Because of the nature of the what occurs in the bathroom, the cleaning solvents are often stronger in nature.  And depending on how long, the bathroom has been untouched, it may necessary to have bleach on hand.

cleaning bathroom

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Empty it Out

  1.  Remove everything but what remains attached.

  2. Set everything aside for now.

  3. This includes everything inside the medicine cabinet, shower, and under the bathroom cupboard.

  4. Also, remove any wall hangings, rugs, and towels/wash cloths.

Time to Clean

clean bathroom

Take Stock

Now this is the time to see what actually had in your bathroom.  Just how many towels do you need?  Can you condense bottles of shampoo by mixing them together?  Do you have many half used bottles of lotion?  Take the time to place them all in one bottle, this saves time and space.

Pay attention to how many outdated toiletries, such as make up and skin care products that are outdated. Throw them away if you need to.  Here is a list of commonly outdated items the average person keeps in their bathroom:

  1. Make up
  2. Lotions
  3. Razors
  4. Medicines: Both prescription and over-the-counter

Once you have a good idea of what you are keeping and need to put back in your bathroom, get it ready to be organized.


*Decide where you are going to put everthing back.  You should notice a smaller amount of things going back into your bathroom than what was previously in there.

*Fold towels and wash cloths

*Keep similiar products group closely together

cleaning bathroom
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*Use organizing tools such as over-the-toilet organizing shelf.

*Use an organizing caddy for the shower or under the cupboard, especially if you are short on space.

clean bathroom
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*Put everything back in the bathroom where it best suits your family’s needs.

Congratulations!  You did it! How does it feel to have a clean bathroom?  Stand back and give yourself a pat on the back….

Key Concepts in Keeping it Clean

Now that the hard part is done you can enjoy a clean bathroom, but remember it won’t stay that way if you want it to remain clean. So I have provided you with some key concepts that if applied, will help your bathroom to remain clean.

Keep cleaning supplies on hand in the bathroom.

Daily, do a 5 minute home blessing on your bathroom.  Put things away, clean off the counter tops, squeegee the shower or tub, fold or hang towels, and spritz the toilet and swish it with the brush.

These simple steps guarantee a clean bathroom on a daily basis.  No longer panic if somebody asks to use your bathroom or drops by unexpectedly to visit-because your bathroom will always be clean.

As always ladies, it has been an honor to be here. May your day be blessed.


Blessings, Stephanie

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