Christmas Rice Sensory Bin

With Christmas time right around the corner, it means that our children are often stuck indoors when its too cold to play outside.

So are you looking for a way to entertain your younger children indoors?

Yet, you are tired of turning on the television or having them play video games?

And you want to find something, but have it be meaningful, educational, and not break the bank?

Christmas Sensory Play


What better way to entertain children with something to do, than a sensory bin.

My children love these and will often play with them for hours.

How about a Christmas Rice Sensory Bin?

Get Creative! LEGO
Get Creative~~Lego!

On Training Keepers of the Home today, I have guest blogger, Jennifer Cassidy from Life as Cassidy with article on how to create a Christmas Rice Sensory Bin.

And did you know there are benefits of sensory bins as well?

Benefits of sensory play:

*Practical life skills

*Developing play skills

*Language development

*Encourage creative play

*Keeps children entertained


You cannot go wrong with such a colorful, playful, and educational experience for your child.¬† For Jennifer’s instructions, check out the link below.

Christmas Rice Sensory Bin


Do you have any inexpensive ideas on how to entertain children?

Have you created a sensory bin before?

Drop me a comment below.


Stephanie, Training Keepers of the Home

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