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The Importance of Having Close Friends as a Christian Woman

The importance of Having Close Friends as a Christian Woman

When I was a mom of many multiples under the age of 5, I was grateful for my posse of friends.

We met every week for playgroup at each other’s houses for about 4 hours. During this time, the children played, we ate lunch, and all of us mom’s talked, sought advice, and laughed over many things.

These playgroups occurred regularly for about 6-7 years. Our husbands became close friends, we babysat each others children, and attended family functions together as well.

In a sense we were a strong family unit. We knew that we could always ask for help from each other.

After the birth of our babies, we made each other meals and ran errands for each other. Our children grew up to become best friends as well.

Though we no longer meet as a group and our children have outgrown playgroup; those memories are some of the fondest and most treasured in my heart.

As a woman, it is important to have friends and fellowship of like-minded women who will encourage us, help us, and pray for us.

Often in this digital world, women become so driven in their careers, children’s lives, or other ministries that fellowship is forgotten.

However, the beauty of the digital world offers the opportunity for online support (like Training Keepers of the Home private group) for such opportunities as fellowship, support, and encouragement.

One must be careful in choosing a group because gossip, competitiveness, and complaining can occur in conversations. Husbands can be belittled, children made fun of, and laziness enabled.

If you are looking for a place to belong: look for similar values, opportunities for prayer, fruits of the spirit, and those who will advocate for you to support your husband and love your children, and point you towards the source of Truth found in the Bible.

Choosing friends who advocate for you as a woman is important. It points us to the cross, encourages us to grow in our faith, and as mothers and wives.

Are you involved in a playgroup, a group of friends, church group, or have a strong family unit where you feel support and receive encouragement?

Be Blessed,

Stephanie, Training Keepers of the Home

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